Sunday, July 02, 2006

Missing My Job

Desert must be a heaven for rentice seekers. You can construct even individual ROW for each phase and double circuit to boot.

I am missing you guys terribly.


Jill Yusoff said...

me capisce niente but love the pic!

Idham said...


Pictures, they say, speaks a thousand words!

This one is so captivating ...the contrast of nature and modernization is well blended into a mystic colour of sunset.
Love the pic....

Tu buah apa tu?

Buah jering ka??



Lollies said...

jill - nice eh? I like it too. sunset at the desert this one. lover had to reverse the car so I can capture the tree. utlah padahnya bawak aku jalan.

idham - yup. catalyst to modernisation those things are. err buah kurmalah cik abang. kat middle east kan?

Jo Kontan said...

Rentice Seekers ? Each Phase ? Double Circuit ? Hey. that stuffs are not only so familiar, but it is in my Bone.

You must count the number of the glass insulators to know how many kV that line is. From the picture it is mebbe 123kV. He he hee :-)

Hang buat apaaa dulu ?

dlt said...

nice pic. :)

Lollies said...

TJ - it is very likely that it is 132kV. adalah dalam 13 mangkuk kat situ.

heh heh

dlt - thanks :)

Anonymous said...

tj: bila lollies balik nanti, make sure kau belanja dia baik2..good for your contract health..

eh..bila kau balik ek?

Lollies said...

aie - heh heh. dengar tu tj. belanja aku bila balik nanti. aku balik bila? kalau kena kerja aku balik bulan 12. kalau tak taulah bila. next year summer kot

Anonymous said...

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