Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Top Secret Mission

I pity my children you know. They really have nothing to do. Except look at me and listen to me nag because the house is haphazard. It is hot, they can't play outside. Even if they can, there is nothing to play outside. We don't live in a compound. No swimming pool, no playground, no nothing. If I continue writing this would surely be a whiny entry...

Anywaaayyyyyyyyy, I overheard Haziq and Sya talking to each other. There is this top secret mission they are planning. They are planning to do something against us : me and lover. The convo went something like this

Haziq said, "So tonight we are going to creep into ayah and Ibu's room. We would pretend to sleep first, then when they get to bed, we will go in and scare them!"

"Yeah! Yeah! We will become ghosts.", said Sya.

"Ghosts??!!! Oh great idea Sya!" exclaimed Haziq giving her a high five. "So we would get in their room with a blanket and scare them! Ha! Ha! Ha!"

"But we would need a white blanket.." Remarked Sya.

"We don't have white blankets..." Said Haziq.


Then Haziq had an idea. "It's ok..in the dark they won't see a thing. You know you know..we can put something on our head to cover our face. I know I know. I put my spender (brief) and you can put on your panties. Ha! Ha! That will be scary. We would look like aliens. But sya..my spender is ok..but yours..err you have flowers . Flowers are not scary."

"But yours has tiger and polka dots," replied Sya.


"OK! OK! I know!" exclaimed Haziq again with that big light bulb on his head blinking, "We can use my short pants. If we put in on our head..the holes would look like big eyes. Ha! Ha! That will scare them!"

I am telling you, they are planning it so detail. Haziq even had sketches of the plan. The route to take from his room to mine. The stuff they need, which include water, torchlight, make up, paintbrush and camera.

Thank God each time they pretend to sleep, they would actually fall asleep themselves. And their mother is really a nocturnal person. Heh heh.

The only thing I worry is, if they do sneak in, they would be the one to have a scare of their lives.


Jill Yusoff said...

HILARIOUS!!! Tiger and polka dots not scary, huh. Imagining Ibu screaming really loud for what Ayah is doing and Haziq and Sya mistaken it for being scared. Win-win situation i'd say.

Anonymous said...

how old is haziq?Brilliant! KAt sekolah dia,anak pak arab suka main perang-perang kot..

UglyButAdorable said...

muahahh..hahhh..hahhh..evil..evil..anak ko nie..mischieves gilerss. kurang2 we know that their brain and mind are working even when days are bored. camno la aganyer if they see the daddy and ibu yg jadie hantyu..errkk!!!

lifecuppa said...

echo uglybutadorable!
dont worry, anak2 mmg creative!

Lollies said...

jill - nyeh nyeh nyeh. *winks*

easylady - haziq is 8. sya is 5. entahlah si haziq tu.

uglybutt - errkkk. ibu dia memang selalu jadi hantu

OO - memang pun gitu. mengisi kebosanan mereka

Sunfloraa said...

Alah Lollies kalau ade pool and playground pun now its too hot to enjoy all that! Terbakar kulit!

And surely its more fun to be frightened by these "ghosts" heheheh.

Anonymous said...

so..bila time depa nak buat serang hendap, make sure you and lover are fully dressed..okay..

else aku takut haziq ngan sya yang pengsan tengok birthday suit parents dia :)

Kunci said...

giler terer siap ada peta

Lollies said...

SF - why eh kat sini dia tak buat swimming pool indoor? masa snow storm and all that, habis swimming pool berabuk

aie - itulah yang ku takuti sekali

kunci - itulah dia. besar2an ni

Nazrah Leopolis said...

waaa...i sungguh kagum dgn the detailed planning.

and the lists, siap ada map. ini ada potensi jadik SWAT team ni.jaga kamu, konchi dan sendal pintu tu kalau terlebih makan mangga, buah pala dan kambing ya?

anggerik merah said...

LOL, so cute lah these two! So Inbu & ayah pun kena jaga2 gak..hehehe..

Lollies said...

nazrah - oh aku perlu berhato2 di jalanraya. too much aphrodisiac ni sangat merbahaya

anggerik - ibu pun kena buat planning against unwanted attack.

Jo Kontan said...

Keh keh keeeh.

"...... the one to have a scare of their lives" That is if they found out visually.

Also, be carefulf if they found out aurally. Those tidak-disedari Sharapova-like grunts.

bisutulibuta said...

Dear Mama Haziq,

We are expanding and need to hire a Project Manager soonest..Haziq can apply..ask him to email his resume to me..TQ

Leen AshBurn said...

It must be all the buah palas you been feeding them lah hehehe.


hahahaha... kelakar gilaaa laaa anak2 u nih lollies.... *sigh*

Lollies said...

TJ - tutup pintu tutup pintu..aahhhh

BTB - - we are happy to receive an offer from a well known company as yours. We will send out his resume and portfolios the soonest. :D

leen - i think so too. :))

leez - eh janganlah gitu. Huggsss

Anonymous said...

semakin witty cik sya dan encik haziq ni yer. huhu. menurun mummy dia agaknya. heh.

maklang said...

So...bila dah tertidor tu penat ajelah dia orang punya plan tu. Ke...nak kejutkan ibu dia masa lain?

Lollies said...

wan - heh heh kalau baik sayalah tu. muahahaha

maklang - itulah dia. nasib baik

Anonymous said...

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