Monday, January 01, 2007

I am home

I just got back. Today's final trip back home must have been the longest journey in one take. We took about 12 hours driving from Abu Dhabi-Al Ayn-Abu Dhabi-Qatar. Why the round round you ask? Don't ask. Suffice that the navigator is feeling adventurous.

Oman had been everything I wanted from a trip. It has all the essential ingredients. Beautiful ever changing landscape, great people, mix of traditional and not too ultra modern life, bits of histories, pre historic life, ancient civilisation. In short everything.

Oman, home to rugged mountains, fort and fortress and castles, vast desert and amazing oasis. I just wish I could do more because there was so much to see. But alas time and money are against us. We enjoyed every moment of it though.

I am tired to write lots. Bags to pack. House to straighten up, clothes to wash and to get back the normal life. Been living out of the luggage for too long now. Am glad that we are safely home.

However, allow me to share with you a photo of our journey.

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A view of Al Hamra, Oman.


Idham said...

:) let me be the first to welcome u home....

happy new year to you and your loved family.

Oman - wonderful indeed. when time permits, pls share us more abt ur experience, and those lovely pictures ...

what a fantastic adventure u have had.


Kak Elle said...

welcome back Lollies and salam idil adha and a happy new year.
Hope you had a good trip.

Jill Yusoff said...

wahey! go unpack do laundry whatever, i'll be back on wednesday and me want details! and pictures. miss you loads.

Lollies said...

idham - oh the adventures I shall savour forever definitely. pictures are coming up in random order.

kak elle - i had a great trip. thanks

jill - macam nak mampus aku mengemas. tak habis2 pun lagi. mana ko ni asik dok on sms je

atiza said...

salam eidul adha..

giler lawo photos..

1 said...

wiwit. mummy lollies udah pulang. looks like ure havin a blast lah touring oman which is nice.