Tuesday, February 20, 2007


The doctor in the farway land of Ireland has tagged me. She wants to know how weird I am. At least six of my weird traits. As the ethics of blogging goes, so here I am, ready to bare it all to my very few followers. Just a caution though, a goddess like me is like any of you. So don't be too surprise.

So here goes

This one not so weird I think. Many women I know are as as elephanty as I am. It's just that some retent memory more than others. You see I may not remember where I put my keys last, but if you say something to me, and you said something else later (to me or to anyone and I get to find out), I will always remember. ALWAYS. That's how I waste my memory cells anyway, remembering useless things.

When I eat, I don't like the gravy on my rice. Entah apasal entah kalau nasi yang top dengan lauk tu I tak makan. I suka kaut sikit-sikit lauk tu. Tak suka kuah apatah lagi kalau banjir melampau. But roti canai banjir sesekali ok.

I am very skema person. My thought process is all skema skema skema. Books I read are all skema books. Dory can testify to this.

I think I would prefer to listen to the youngsters and children speak rather than adult. Sometimes in a gathering I make self excuse to be with the younger ones. Usually in the pretext of feeding my children. Perhaps I want to avoid dengar orang mengumpat. But in general I love children and I talk to them as if we are on the same level.

I get sewel if my kids don't eat proper meals at proper times. Or eat snacks before meal. I will never let them go away with dah kenyang at meal. I am a control freak mother that way.

I think I am a bit of a masochist. Have you ever got those tiny chipped fingernails on the side of your finger and you pull it off? Then you feel pain for a few days. I love that pain. And I would find myself enduring the pain by pressing the finger down. Also I like pressing down my bruises. Having said that I hate joint aches, the one that you get when you have fever. I hate pain that I cannot control.

I don't think I will be tagging anyone because I don't think I have six to tag anyway. I will, instead, put a picture, in tribute to all the weirdos in the world. Long live weirdos.

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k.d said...

Hi Lollies. Thank you. You're a sport.

The kids must LOVE you! The attention you gave them all...you must be very popular aunt there in Doha.

As for the pain...hmmm..that is scaryy!!


sare_reyes said...

Hi lollies!!!! thx for supporting my tshirt sale. hehe.

u sure are weird. hehe. but I pun kalau makan nasi tak suka letak kuah. lagi kering lagi best. hehe.

Lollies said...

k.d. - kids love me? heh heh. therewas this one girl out of the blue gave me a heart she just coloured in front of soma makciks2 tu. awww for me? that is so nice. orang lain tak dapat pun. he he. tapi sebenarnya i ni scary orangnya. muahahahaha

sare - woo awak suka kering ya? saya suka kuah tapi jangan letak atas nasi. saya pun pelik saya ni

simah said...

ni mesti anak anak u tak berani nak cuba escape dari tak makan..

interesting things to remember about u :0)

eh sejak bila u tukar gambar profile jadi belon? i tak perasan pon..ker i yg rabun?

cikdinz said...

aikkk!!! sindrom yg sama nampak nye..

~ahni~ said...

Lollies, awat hang weird weird gitew? Hang ka yang dok garu pungkoq tu?

loveujordan said...

memang weird lah makan nasi tak suka kuah atas nasi.....nak try lah.
Mesti budak-budak tu suka bila ada makcik yang layan diaorang.... memang itu yang terbaiknya...keep it up !!

MULAN said...

sama sewel la kita rupanya. i pon if d kids ask for candy or junk food b4 any meal, terjengil la biji mata ni.

he he.. i suka nasi banjir la esp any kuah lemak with sambal belacan topping!!!

Lollies said...

cik dinz - sindrom mana tu? garu garu ke?

ahni - biasalah akukan goddess. sesekali kenalah ada kecacatannya pulak. bukan aku lah yang garu tu. itu cik dinz. muahahahha *lariiiii*

rina - tak yah try. mak i kata i pelik. tapi kena ada kuah. cuma i tak suka dia banyak on the nasi. tepi nasik boleh

mulan - hah? candy? no way

anggerik merah said...

hehehe...awesome pic..

cikdinz said...

sindrom tag-tag tuh...

Lollies said...

AM - ha ha ha

cikdinz - muahahahaha *larii lariii*

~ GAB ~ said...

Gosh I read this before but I am afraid I didn't leave my traces in here... heheh

BTW, I suka banjir bila makan nasi...