Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Celebrating the Little Things

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We decided we need to pamper ourselves once in a while, regardless of the current situation. And what more when there was a reason to celebrate it for.

Haziq is moving another juz in his Quran Reading.
Batrisyia is now in Iqra'2.
JackJack can now control his pees and poos when we take off his pampers. No more spills.

Trust me I didn't lie. They were the reason we celebrate. We were celebrating us. We were celebrating the future pendekar and srikandi of Malaysia. The future generation.

I am female. I am a blogger. I am unemployed.

And I am shaping my nation with love while at that. May they don't become hypocrites.

Read Tengku Adnan's remark on female bloggers HERE.


k.d said...

Congratulations to all of you especially the mom for a good didikan.

Bravo kids..

~ GAB ~ said...

"And I am shaping my nation with love while at that"

I like that phrase.

And I am one of them guys to conjugate the hurrah and roar of women gender for I do admire their contributions to the society and life as a whole.

TrudgeAlongMyNothingness said...

heee..what else other thatn loving ur children and pour all the necessary educations...manners..when u r not working

so much attention to ur kids..=]

Lollies said...

doc - yes bravo to them

gab - we complete each other kan gab?

Lollies said...

anul - soon when i grow up i nak main PS2 dia orang gak macam mak you. (tapi now i tak ada PS2 ha ha ha)

sare_reyes said...

that statement by tengku adnan memang lawak of the century...nampaknye saya adalah golongan blogger minoriti yg nak pupus...muahahaha

btw, muka budak2 tu cam tak puas ati je. hehe

Man Bucit said...

wow Tengku, dasyat noo!

But lollies, it's a luxury for you to be able to spend time with your kids.

Lollies said...

sare - ha ha ha tengah ngunyah tu sebenarnya.

bucit - lama tak dengar cerita?

i must admit it is a luxury to be able to spend time with them. inilah luxury yang i ada sekarang. ponin pun ada. ha ha ha