Friday, March 23, 2007

Sya's School Sports Day

It was a beautiful morning yesterday. The sky was blue. The weather was perfect. It was 24C. The wind was blowing. Ahh you can see the little girl's hair caressing their cheek.

There was excitement in the air. The children came in their coloured shirts. Red, blue, yellow and red. All different hues and shades and different prints. They had to use their own shirt. It adds extra colour.

The teachers were busy preparing the props. Balancing stilts, hula hoop, balls. The teachers in casual clothes laughing among themselves.

I stayed on with Batrisyia's age group. Look at those cute five year olds. The girls in their pony tails swaying to and fro as they run. Some of the glamour girls flocked together giggling. Some stayed by themselves. And so many characters. Look at the eager boys. Jumping in triumph as they manage to complete a task. Look at the concentration in the children's faces. Some stick their tongue out. Aww how cute (Hi FD). And some threw the balls flimsily and run like walking on a runaway.

I mouthed throw hard to Sya when she is about to throw one. She threw hard. She got second place. She looked at me with a proud smile. I smiled back proudly and went to her and caressed her hair later. She was excited and hugged her girlfriends.

There wereso much expression. Laughing faces. Disappointed faces. Movement. Dynamic. Candid faces. Children make the best photo subjects.

Great weather. Perfect photo opportunity.

Alas I didn't bring my camera.


Anul said...

hee..ingat time jaga adik sukan kanak2..

"fiqah..lari jgn pndg kawan..tgok depan je"

tp dia tgok kawn sblh gak..kalah..ahahaha!!

loveujordan said...

bestnya sports day..maknya yang beria sorak....bagus, bagus..

panasnya dah qatar....

MULAN said...

selalunya camtu, time2 sports day anak2, parents yg excited jugak kan..

awat la ibu sya tak bawak camera??

Lollies said...

anul - ha ha ha bebudak memang gitu

rina - memang dah panas pun. bosan sungguh

mulan - lupa daaaa

k.d said...

Alaa....sure frust tu..

Anyway..the picture of Sya proudly showing her second place medal will be imprinted in her mom's mind forever

Kak Elle said...

takde mother's race ke?you mesti dapat first punya:)

anggerik merah said...

membayangkan Sya with her smiling face.

I am proud of yr little girl too

NJ said...

Salam perkenalan Lollies,

My first time here, and I like what I read/see/hear. Will definitely be coming back.

Lollies said...

kd - frust amat frust. tapi betul tu I would always remember her proud smile

kak elle - ha ha ha. bisa merekah tanah kena gegaran I lari

AM - he he thanks

nj - salam kenal. silalah duduk. nak baklava? ni i tuang sekali mango lassi

jill who doesn't own a camera said...

how could u not bring a camera???