Thursday, March 29, 2007

Party Planner

I have never been invited to a themed party. Sure I have been invited to birthday parties mostly at the fast food joints. Most of the birtday parties at home are you know eat-eat parties, adult food mee goreng, mee hoon. The best I had been to was with an amateur clown. The one who make puppies or swords from a balloon. Which are all a delight for me because I, myself, never done any parties for my kids. Pity my poor children.

Last weekend Batrisyia was invited to her friend's party. The boy's mum, Jana, happen to be my friend. And my my my she is a very good party planner, I must say. So forgive my jakunness, but hey I was looking forward to this 5 year old boy's party. I wanna be a five year old too.

Her theme was pirate. And as we walked in, she offered a red bandana and a bone necklace and an eye patch which Batrisyia refused.

There was a pirate ship made off carboard boards armed with canon balls which the kids would use to shoot the basketball hoop. The first game they had was to make an ocean. Jana prepared bottles each filled with blue coloured oil and vinegar. They really look like ocean and beach. The kids each filled the bottle with fake shell bits, fishes and marbles. Brilliant game!

The kids were then sent off to find treasure. They had to cross a plastic pool full of ferocious crocodiles and venomous spiders. Then they had to go through a narrow path strewn with webs and morecreepy crawlies, shot each other with water pistol, cross the plank of wood and get back in the house to find the treasure chest which was filled with party packs enough for all.

When it was time to blow candles, I had to hide my face somewhere. Zachary blew the candle for the birthday boy, much to his despair. Oh dear.

The food was so different from anywhere I had been. All healthy stuff, fruits and yoghurt, raw veges, homemade burgers, nachos and dip. What? No fried stuff?

I know Elisa and Famy and butterflutter does this. Kan? Kan? They are excellent party planners. OOhhhh I think I am having ideas already. It's just I am soo malas and so not tenacious. Tapi funnyaaaaa.

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loveujordan said...

wah bestnya..nak jadi budak 5 tahun baliklah....

You belajarlah jadi bday planner, mana tau bday mimi (theme:Barbie )nanti I impot you dari qatar.....hehehe.

jill the pink princess-wannabe said...

aku pun mau theme party tapi aku nak jadi princess. i want a captain jack sparrow to rescue me from the pirates, boleh?

Repentant said...


Saya dah mintak cross-posting ke Qatar untuk project Gas-to-Liquid plant tu.

Miah miah miah.

~ahni~ said...

Why is that bila aku baca blog hang ni mesti pasal party, potluck, out door activities dan bermacam-macam lagi..

Best nyer korang ni kan ada macam2 aktiviti nak buat/ places to go etc

Apa2 hal pun, enjoy lah, good for you..

Lollies said...

rina - heh heh. kalau rajin

jill - ooohh boleh. boleh. baju pun kena suit that era as well. very low cut and tight top frocks

hansac - hah? still under cengkerang punya company kan? bila ni? family soma mari? nanti kita YM YM eh?

ah ni - hmmm oklah. kalau tak buat soma ni aku akan mati kebosanan. apa avatar kau tu jahat sangat?

k.d said...

Anak nya tau seronok...Mak nya terlebih seronok ke?

Some party that was....a lot of details and effort went into it. Bravo...

MULAN said...

memang la adat birthday party, mak2 yg over the river kenkadang. kita buat finger foods, dok tanya mana makanan orang tua. haru biru betul, makan je la apa yg ada. kids never eat much, orang tua yg melantak bagai nak rak. ha ha.. same2 me go others' party. but i make sure i bring a plate, then can "ngap"!!

goboklama said...

so colorful & fun! betul kata mulan,at besday party selalunya,host sibuk prepare makanan,kids tak makan pun. Pas ni nak tengok lollies's kids besday party lak,motivation tuh!

Mama Rock said...

bestnya party tu, i would be excited sama :)
belajar2 lah jadi party planner - nanti kot balik mesia boleh jadi kid's party planner. dont have one here now - i think kalau ada pun kat twinkles. and most of the fast food parties, event coordinator kureng cam boring gitu

simah said...

jgn malas malas la..lepas buat mesti rasa best sebab anak happy ..kan kan kan lollies??

waa the pirate party nampak lively betul... semua moms datang ka masa tu?

no fried stuff? party tarak fired things rasanya tak complete la...

butterflutter said...

Apa lagi now is the time to have fun lollies...browse the net macam2 idea ada. We did our own pinata (bentuk belon aje) and they have fun with the treasure hunt at my hse yg ciput tuuu. Seronok if the parents joint sama..habis semua org kena bangun dr sofa sbb anak nak cari clue..but I lupa nak ambik gambar lahhhh....Buat simple2 dulu by the time you come back home musti sudah pro punya :)

mrika said...

Themed parties... I like!! :-)

Am planning my son's 4th b'day party now. I've a good 4 mths to go... but well, nothing wrong planning a little ahead of time, no? Heheh.

Oh, and btw, got to your blog, and am loving it. Very interesting. :-)