Wednesday, April 25, 2007

And the award goes to...

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Did you hear? Did you? Our sweet mummy [URL=""]Aliya[/URL] got nominated with the thinking blog award. *thumbs up.

And when i read theta's (the one who nominated her) nomination I must say I totally agree with hers. I myself learn a lot from her. She writes, speaks, reads and teaches arabic. Don't be surprise when sometimes she would seam her entries and comments with a few Arabic phrases. In the short time, I have learned many things from her serious but yet humorous writings. The first few I would not resist reading.

Anyway the real surprise is, she nominated me, Lollies, as a thinking blog. I have never composed any of my entries as to serve any thinking for any of my readers. I may have some opinioned pseudo entries in my mind, but I rarely put it up. I don't know. Perhaps I am afraid of criticism?

And as much as I want to be humble thus laugh at the award because that's the way I react in public when I received something as much as praise, but I can't do that to Aliya. She is a person with wise opinion. You cannot laugh to that can you?

Anyway, the rule is I must nominate five blogs of which in my opinion is, it is a thinking blog. And they are...drum no apparent order.

[B]1. [URL=""]Elisa[/URL][/B]

No surprise there right?

I have read Elisa since the UKS days (when I was more active). She pens down her stories about her children which may be funny but yet so real. So real that you can reflect it to your own life. It makes you wonder whether you are doing the right thing with your own.

She writes amazing fiction too. You can read it all [URL=""]HERE[/URL] but my favourites are [URL=""]LAST DAYS[/URL] and [URL=""]SOULMATES[/URL].
Even her fiction makes you think.

[B]2. [URL=""]Butterflutter[/URL][/B]

Butterflutter has now evolved from her fluttery self into the buzzing bee [URL=""]HERE[/URL]

Butterflutter usually writes about her family just like myself. What makes her stand out is the tips that she subconciously gives out whenever she writes. She is a very thorough person and also planner. She would chart out her plans, make tearly resolution perhaps even daily. She would write out what is to achieve and paste it big and bold for the whole family to see. She even make a yearly plan of what books she should be reading. This is a very structured and organised way to know where you are and the direction to be taken next.

Her systematic way of thinking also has spilled over to her children and I am sure her children would clearly know their goal in life. She made me think a lot about the way I organise my daily life.

Nothing to do with butterflutter, I now have a housekping plan. Daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and every six months plan. Planned maintenance gitu.

[B]3. [URL=""]Rotidua[/URL][/B]

Yup our one (or is two?) and only dua roti. Not because she actually wrote an entry repeating many times that she has been thinking a lot. My own criteria of thinking blog is not the writer thinks a lot rather, the entries made me think.

She writes with humour. When she writes down about the news, she puts in a perspective that is both humorous but true to the bones. Her sharp mind can be observed in her imminent comments. Mind you she definitely has a mind of an auditor. Don't let her catch you off guard in your entries, she will be able to sniff it miles away.

[B]4. [URL=""]Bucit[/URL][/B]

He is a low profile blogger. He rarely leaves his comments on people's blog except when he finds the blogger's thought process interesting. (private joke). He sometimes would write excerpts of books that he reads and narrate his opinion on the lessons that can be learnt. I have always love the books he picks. Generally stories of Arabian folks and books on sufiism and ulamaks. He would also write about the different Ulamaks that he had the opportunity to go to their lectures too. I have always liked the way he describes them. Simple and not imposing. He is a real person writing for real people.

[B]5. [URL=""]Captain Barbell[/URL][/B]

He is the stranger.

Riza is a person who if you know by surface loves to criticise. he criticises everything and laugh at issues that he find trivia. But yet uses trivia to put his points across. He always manage to dig little issues and put up posts that make you think. Otherwise he would just put up silly pictures of people he meets in the LRT, his daily transportation to his work.

Many times he would write about his working environment and would spell out all management tools that he memorised. Mr Robert Greene should paid commission to Riza for quoting his books many times.

Riza who is a mystical (spooky) guy is a cat person. Often than not he would use his cats to tell a story even about sufiism. A lover of Aesop and folk stories, he seems to be able to come out with entries that are not only funny but sometimes hit you where it hurts.

When he recommends me a book, I woud scramble to find it. Or scramble to force him to give it to me after he has finished reading them.

Now. at least a few of the people I have listed here, since I find your blogs ticking my brain, I wonder who ticked yours. Tell us.

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