Friday, April 20, 2007


I am tired off late. I couldn't find time to blog, what more bloghop. Haziq has been using the computer most of the time to do his research on Victorian era. I think it is high time we get another computer.

The chase to become the perfect domestic goddess is still on albeit slower. I have finidhed off all the shelves. I feel good and triumphy! I am now scrubbing the kitchen floors. Macam nak mampus. The accumulated oil and dust and food droppings have cemented certain part of the floor especially the one near to the stove. I need cabinets to hide the ugly stuff like basins and big pots. Such an eye sore. I got this laundry basket to hide away the plastic bags. The rule is now no more overfloing plastic bags. If it overflows,it is to be thrown!

The newsletter, the final newsletter from me is completed. The newsletter took most of my time. I needed time to think and edit photos and all. I almost neglected my house. Thus explaining my cleaning spree. You know when you are on to something, its difficult to stop your train of thoughts. That's what happen when i started my newsletter. Look at those pile of clothes to iron and to fold. Elisa's announcement to come was a good ticking clock for me for I rushed to do it after a long procrastination.

My head is full of things I want to do with and for the kids. I am taking them out almost everyday so they have something to do in the evening. Its taking a whole chunk of my time. Taklehlah nak tenet selalu.

And in my head, knowing that my term with the ASS is nearly over, I am planning many things that I want to do. For the house. For the kids. For myself. My head is like swirling swirling. Plotting plotting. Identifying identifying.

I am rambling here senselessly actually. So much in my mind but not good enough to spill it out. Since I can't use the computer much, I can't chat much either. It's driving me crazy in a way. I need someone to talk too. My so hardworking lover sometimes like to sleep than talking. Balik tidur tidur. weekend tidur. Bosan aku. When I am in need to talk, Haziq is using the computer. When he is not, the timing is off. So this lack of proper talking to adults I can trust is driving me nuts.

And there is no alone time for me. Even when I am in the loo doinf my business, someone will knock the door, Ibuuuuuu! this that this that. What is with this kids?

Busy busy busy week. The ASS had a bowling tourney last Friday. I have been going out nearly every night, even on school night, after Haziq's ngaji, to "train" bowling. But, you can ask Mosh and Gartlah, train so much, performance still hancus. But but but on the tourney day itself, despite started off had to wake up early and prepared seafood sandwich ala delifrance and then there is no bowling ball my weight, I did well. Ewah! Well I know notlah that good but oklah. I scored 135. Oklah tu and won me the second place for ladies. Haziq despite not winning, performed very well. A few spares and some spares were actually strikes. His ball also spins. Dasat gak tu.

Then after bowling, lover suggested that we had bbq at Mr Mail's house. Nampak tak? he suggested we mess someone else's place. Well my ugly harem has no lighting outside. I prepared chicken marinated satay style, peanut sauce and nasi impit and trifle. After bowling, I slaved in the kitchen and messed it up again.

What else? Oh I wish I am in Malaysia. I want to see baby Pashaaaaa!

I feel like overwhelmyish. If there is such a word. And if you know me you would know how kalut kalut kalut I am.

How to help? Can you get me a place to hide the pots and basins and ugly ugly stuff?


No Angel said...

maybe you can try to buy symmetrical big boxes and dump them all in. Else, get a tiny room, store them in there and lock it..just like monica in friends..hehehe. good luck!

p/s: i hate it when things are not symmetrical

Halley said...

Oh kesian jugak...sibuknya... since you tgh buat spree cleaning ni...nak tanya...mcm mana nak hilangkan minyak2 yag lekat kat kitchen cabinet kayu ni....i takut nak sental kang scratch pulak... your advice please

butterflutter said...

whoaa...lollies you remind me that I can't sit lazy2 this long weekend. I better buat spring cleaning dari skrg......I loveee big boxes...I dump everything in it :P

Lollies said...

I have one tal big basin one gemuk big besin one spare tong gas one pull trolley three boxes pot besar laundry bag si plastik suratkhabar lama. store tak muat dah.

kena really really big box tu

halley - ha ha ha you mintak i advise ah? anyway what i would do is soak it overnight with that mr muscle thing or the liquid pencuci stove and minyak melekat degil than the next day gosok dan tenyeh sekuat hati dgn span. pakai span yang kasar sikit tapi lembut untuk kayu supaya tak rosak. (macam bagus je)

BF - hah apa duduk diam ni. sila kemas ya

cikdinz said...

practice make perfact. teruskan usaha tuk bermain bowling. kalu nak tips, masuk lah link kat blog den..

bbq, aktiviti wajib tuk merapatkan hubungan silaturrahim...

Anul said...

u r definitely overwhelmed..ahaks!!i can tell it by the entry..

~ahni~ said...

Oh kesiannya kat Lollies... bz nyer awak!!! Tapi bz tu bagus kan? Tak ada lah boring-boring....

1 said...

by any means, dont forget to rest ya mummy. hehe