Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Back On the Road to the Domestic Goddess Stature

God! Ihave been keeping myself busy. Blame this on me continually torturing myself watching the show "Perfect Housewife-Anthea Turner". And I was looking at my house, errkk, I am a mess (not as messy as the contestants though)

So I am inspired. So kay some of the things in the show are like super real, I think there is something to be learnt! Especially if you are a self claim domestic goddess!! The inspiration also came because I couldn't find my bloody handmixer when I knew Elisa wanted to use it. Of course I have only used it once like long long long time ago but where the hell was it?

I have been attacking the kitchen cabinets like crazy. Taking things out shelf by shelf. Wiping the racks. Now it is gleaming white.

TIPS COMING : When I chose my kitchen cabinets (the one in Malaysia) I went for the most simple no groove doors. If you are like me, a lazy house maintaner who doesn't find scrubbing each cabinet doors a loving task, you would chose this too. The one I have here is grooved. I had to use fork to korek the dust and minyak glued on it. Urrgghh! Why add to my life misery? And please get skirting to your cabinets. At least people don't see what underneath it. Trust me it accumulates so much dust stuck on oil, it's ugly. The one I have here does not have skirting. Bosan!

I found myself throwing heaps of stuff. Expired stuff. And redundant things that I bought because I thought I ran out of it. I suddenly found space too. Heh heh.

I am thinking of getting myself those rectangular baskets so I can compartmentalise the stuff I have in the cabinet. I have heaps of different kind of pasta: vermecilli, buitonni, soo hoon, spaghetti. Banyaknya. Tak masak pun! And spices especially curry since I got loads from Malaysia. I have so many flour too. 5kg of plain ones. Self raising one. Bread flour. Corn flour. Rice flour. Starch flour. Many kind of sauce bottles. Sesame oil. Four bottles of sweet soy sauce from Malaysia. The only soy cause for sambal kicap mee soto. Then the big bottle of thick sweet Indonesian soy sauce. Chilly oil which I bought but never use. Plum sauce oil also never use. Different type of drink. For tea alone I have more than five kinds. early grey, camomile, normal one, teh wangi, and apa-apa lagi rasa, coffee, two kind of chocolate drink : pahit one for me, the normal one for the kids, straberry. Milk in carton. Flavoured drink, cordials. Cofee malaya cap 434.

All these needs to be compartmentalised in a nice wicker basket. The only problem is I am a lazy shopper. So I will get the baseket, whenever I found them.

Elisa, I have also grouped the handmixer with all the blender stuff. Very easy to find, thus you would not be subjected to the whisk anymore.

Four more shelves to go. (And here I am blogging).

And I need to scrub the floor. Clear the top. I think I want to throw the fruit basket and get a small bowl instead. It is so obtrusive and takes up too much space.

Oh those little bottle of spices must be washed clean before refill. So it would be sparkling. And those chrome coloured utensil must be wiped often and polish with baby oil for the "ting" effect. Will get containers of the same type so top shelf looks coordinated. Good plastic wares to put loose stuff. Labeled. Please put the name of things in the ware along with the expiry date for future reference.

So once in every six months? WHat do you think? Better that once a year eh? Or non at all.

After this? The wardrobes! YEAHHHHHH

For that I have not bloghopped much. Sorting my house and my kids at the moment. They are all disorganised. So much of being a goddess eh?


m.u.l.a.n said...

wallaaaa... selamat mengemas!!! tengok betul2 expiry date tu, nanti ada yg pening lalat + food poisoning. he he... i dapat kicap kipas udang 3 botol dari akak sorang ni sbb dia takut tak sempat pakai, expired end of the year. yahoooo...

kot tak habis, buat car boor sale, sure laku tu barangan makanan malaysia!!!

HEMY said...

waaaa...the goddess of the house..ehehehe!!but it worth the effort when u look at the result right?!

Lollies said...

mulan - siap! soma yg expiry date terlampau dudah dibuang!

anul - itulah satu malam boleh pandang kabinet sekaramg. tapi i still need the baskets lah.

Nana said...

i sooo understand that right now.. am right at that "nesting" phase. balik rumah je, mula la nak buat2 sebok kemas itu ini. pastu sakit blakang. haha!

KakNi said...

Four more shelves to go. (And here I am blogging).


Bila mood tu datang, aku pun macam tu gak, habih aku selongkar.
Good luck to you girl.

anne said...

hehe....i pun wipe counter top je, dalam cabinet wipe last year kut...hehe.

simah said...

i can definitely understand ur poition!! it took me like weeks to clear 3 rooms..n am yet to attack the wardrop..the inside kitchen almari(did a bit) n clothes!! 4 seasons clothing is cool except when u have to sort them out!! argh...

n we have a lady cleaner to lap segala pintu n almari twice, n lap tingkap.. a month (mahal gila diaorang charge sious)
lollies... tak ada ka mesin utk buat semua ni?

n to all those new younglings.. kalau kaya beli rumahhh duduk apartment nak cuci tingkap punyalaaaaaaa susah...with high possiblity of u jatuh bawah masa cuti (tu yg i tak cuci pun)

good luck with all the tidying up..

butone thing though...after all the job done... u will be proud of urself... so sekarang KERJAAAAAa..lepas tu PENGSANnnnnnnn..n then give a pat at ur back..


Lollies said...

nana - ho ho ho orang tengah nesting cukup rajin tu. entah-entah nak dapat boy kot. he he

ah ni - mood tengah makin berkurangan ni. how lar?

simah - betul tu. suka betul i tengok cabinet I. putih berkilau. pastu semalam i marinate ayam dengan the rempah menitik-nitik. habis kena cabinet i. malasnya nak ngemas

cikdinz said...

nampak nye we can share some tips for new house...heheheeee...