Saturday, April 28, 2007

The End of My ASS

Last night marks the end of my work with ASS. I was quite worried the few days before the AGM night. Some clever dude nominated me for several posts. Mind you not that I do not like working with the ASS, but after a year..makcik dah penatlah (tired out). And plus don't you think the ASS needs a fresh face. At least someone who do not refer to them as ASS?

Last night when I went around shaking hands greeting people laughing my social butterfly self off, several people happily said the will vote for me like as if they are doing me a favour. Banyaklah ko. But when the ASS president said that he doesn't want to continue, it sort of cover all of us, en bloc. My name was striked out.

I was never elected to be in the ASS you know. Mrs. Twit pointed that out. I clarified, yes I was never elected, I was invited. Heh heh.

When I first came here to Q@tar, I hated every single thing out of this country. It is indeed a country very difficult for me to fall in love with. I was depressed leaving my job. I was depressed with the terrible public transportation. No network connection. This pot luck thingy. Being cooped up. People think I am an Asian thus I must be a cheap labour.

Things must have changed for me after my mum passed away. I realised that I really should stay with my lover. I was looking at my dad and I knew that there will be time that either of us would be alone anyway. Coming back from Malaysia, I have set my mind that I want to help out with something. Something to help me get out of the not-useful-except-masak-and-clean-up-house-aje-hari-hari feeling.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketRemember when I talked to the president and got myself in trouble. HERE. I got my hands dirty in photoshop tring to design a lousy card after that. They must have liked it, and invited me to be a permanent ASS.

I was elated. Lover was not. I got paranoid thinking of the littlest thing like what should I call them? Them being an all men group. Should I call them abang? Eeiii so endearing. I even wrote it HERE

But in the end everything turned out well. I have referred to them as aku engko for most of them.

I had tremendous time in the ASS. What my niyat was initially, was what I got in the end. I found new friends. Maybe new nemesis for that matter. I learned new thing. I helped introduce to them the wonders of what photo collection of themselves can do. I set up a simple multiply photo collection of the malaysians in Qatar. It is HERE. From then on, ramailah pulak yang set up multiply. Heh heh. Baguslah tu. Yesterday, a guy, whom I called Hang Kebun said to me, so who is going to take our photos now? Laa ramai lagi orang, kasi canlah orang lain.

The newsletter was what that had taken my time most. But I must say I have enjoyed them. I can't write, that I know. I guess this newsletter is a syok sendiri thing. But I don't know, i think or at least I hope, some of the Malaysians see it as one form of interface telling them that there is a place that you can be together. May not be much, but at least there is something. I introduced new columns writing about what to expect here in Qatar. From what to bring to the shamal phenomenan. Kalau nak harap embasi aje hmmpph..tak leh komen kat sini..mampus kang)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

There are more than oneA thousand Malaysians here in Qatar. You cannot please everyone. I have received a few slanderous mails. I tell you, being condemned is not a pretty thing. Funny, this is a voluntary work, not many want to lead but thousands rush to criticise. Worst, they used a pseudo name at that.

I was never an association person. When I was working, i was never bothered. Tak kosa makcik. But I guess it was a good one year filling up time. I was tremendously busy. I guess I needed that...and perhaps it was the only way for me to meet people. Because I am not good at meeting people and introducing myself. I usually will pass as a sombong person.

So today is my first day being de-ASS. No difference yet.

I am just thinking, if I take pictures of them during the new ASS event, err should I still go out and publicise them seems inappropriatelah pulak.

Now I need something to do pulak rasanya. First I need to clear the blog alerts and catch up with all of you.


NJ said...

Yup, I know it can be very frustrating when working in a team where people is so busy finding faults, instead of working together to achieve what the team is supposed to be doing. Hope, you are enjoying your time more after this.

Lollies said...

oh no nj. the team was great. it's the community. some of them criticise too much. I think I had the bestest team in the ASS.

maklang said...

Oh...lamo den tak jengok sini sebab makcik ni sebok meng'ASS' I pun mengasingkan diri..