Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Balls to Bawl

I was asked by si comel to do this, Bicara di Malam Hari. Ha ha ha ini macam punya tag pun adakah? Anyway this happened last night.

Me : We probably need to get the ballslah. you know it is so difficult to get my size there. Pelik betul. The ar@bs were forever at my balls. I just don't get it with them. SUch big sized man and still they want to use the light ball. You know they were going for 7. Haziq was using 7. Even I use a 9 or 10. They these big sized man with big hands want a 7. how strange. I wonder whether they can fit in the holes in the first place. You use a 12 kan?

Lover : Ah ah

Me : Kak Ita said the cheap one is 300. The better one is 500.

: 300??? How much in Malaysia?

Me : Hmm tak ingatlah. Miss KlSentral said 600 kot with shoes. We definitely need shoes. I think we should do the shoes in Malaysia. Over here definitely pig skin lining punya.

: You ask Miss KLSentral firstlah.

Me : But do you want to do the balls in Malaysia? If you 12, me 10 haziq 7. that would be 29lb. that's about 15kg!!! I'd rather take my ikan bilis and udang kering

Lover : We send through unattended luggage. like your books.

Me : Eh eh eh that Faizal guy that girl his girlfriendke?

Lover : Penyu said no.

Me : Not yetlah tu. But I think she likes him. he he. *love. I think they prolly like each other but they are not sure whether they should say It yet. You know. It can be confusing. do they like each other because there is no else to like here? Like everyone is married and all, so not much choice. Or could they really really really like each other. Is it looovvveee?

Lover : Faizal came for the tahlil do you know that?

Me: oh dia ke? Wonder if he knows it was our house or not. I have never seen the girl before pun

: I have

Me : you have????? where?

: well during Asian Games and sometimes at the embassy.

Me : How come I have never seen her?

Lover : Don't know

Me : How come you have seen her?

: well dia ramai-ramai. In a group of the bacchelors. noisy lots. kecoh je.

Me : a group of what? girls?

Lover : no lah. mix.
Me : how come you notice her then and I don't.

Lover : donnolah you.

Me : how come you notice girls yang bujang-bujang (single) ni?

Lover : nolah. I didn't notice her. Many in the group. Men pun (guys as well)

Me : Just now you said you noticed her.

I had bad dreamslah yesterday. Lover doing tango with a girl. That girllak tu.



Idham said...

:) i suka baca dialog u dgn lover hehehe...tau pun jeles ye....and that thingy abt arabs fat fingers not fitting into small holes on the 7 size balls....i pun heran kenapa la si pakcik2 arab ni suka benar dok try nak masuk jugak those small holes...isk melecet jari tu kangggg......i think size 12 is more like it la...i selalu guna 13....but after two games sakit satu badan ....

nice read!


Jo Kontan said...

Now tell me which kind of advice you would like to hear from me?

1. as a friend
2. as a husband to a wife
3. as the head of family
4. as a salesman


KakNi said...

Ini dialog dalam mimpi ke betul?

Betul2 ke cobaan?

Lollies said...

idham - eh mestilah jeles. cemburu itu tandanya sayanggg

jokontan - i want you to tell me absolute lies. lies that will make me happy. :D

ah ni - betullah. mana ada cobaan

Ir. Hanafi Ali said...

Some girls are noticeable, some are not. My wife sometimes points me to a girl that does not attract my attention, jenis yang I tak toleh twice kalau terserempak.

Now I think those girls just don't have the pheromones that I like. Sebab tu tak perasan.

HEMY said...

ahaha!!smpi bawak ke mimpi..dasat benar kak lollies..

UglyButAdorable said...

walaupun saya masih single saya paham perasaan bensi itu..

Anonymous said...

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Kissman said...

fulamak, must be a funny dream indeed ...

silversarina said...

hahaha kelakarlah, jeles sampai termimpi-mimpi.. ehh masa diaorang tango tu, nampak tak peha gebu that !! seksa!!... jeles tahap kelas 2 ni, okay lagi, kalau kelas 1, habislah your lover kena ikat tak boleh keluar rumah tanpa you ikut sekali ...

have a nice saturday!!

Lollies said...

hansac - pheromones set one person to another apart. sungguh memberi perbezaan

anul - hari ni mimpi budak exam pulak

UBA - universal understanding

andrew - yup! done it. hope it is sufficient

bucit - hu hu hu. mana ada funny

Lollies said...

rina - ha ha ha. taklah sejelas itu

alex said...