Monday, May 14, 2007


If you do not know already, the horn is the most important instrument in any transportation mode here in Qtar besides the accelerator.

Everyone honks here. They honk when they want someone to get out of the way. They also honk when they want to give someone way. They honk when someone crosses the road. They also honk when they want to allow someone to cross the road. Sometimes they beam. They honk the minute the light turns green. They also think they have the right to think for the vehicle most front at a busy roundabout. If they think the most front car is slow, they would assist by honking telling the car to move and kill oneself.

This may sound somewhat normal. What I find most surprising is people honk when they want to buy something from a sundry shop. They would stop in front of a shop and honk for their service. Sometimes as loud and as annoying as they can. Sundry shop, juice stall, kebab stall even certain fast food joints.

Even for a pack of ciggy, some people find it hard to get out of the comfort of their car and get it themselves. They must be served. Sometimes they couldn't get a parking spot in front of the shop. They would still honk creating confusion to which shop they are referring to. Ayooo.

Anyway. I became a honker the other day. Yes glare at me. Snicker snicker.

I was not feeling well the other day. You know that day I asked my lover to pick up the kids and he was worried of his punctuality. OK Ok excuses sexcuses. I was too sick to cook, so I decided to buy lunch instead. I went to a briyani restaurant.

AT lunch time the restaurant was full of men, mostly the labourers from the nearby construction site. The trenchers workers maybe among them. I really was not comfortable to go into the restaurant and getting stared at. So I decided to honk. Do what the Romans do.

I didn't get the best parking spot. I had to park slightly at the side of the restaurant. So how should I honk? I do not like the loud rude HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNKK! So not goddessy. So I honked in the cutest way I can. honk honk. Like Noddy's honk. Can you hear them? honk honk. That was my virgin honk. I had to honk several times to get their attention. I was that demure.

When I did, someone came to me and I made my order. It was another ordeal ordering one chicken briyani and another grilled chicken with no rice. The Bangladeshi guy speaks minimal english as I, Arabic. Uridu Dajaj Briyani and err grilled dajaj no ruz.

He got the right order and I gave him the money. He then asked me where I am from and whether I am working. Ohh sometimes I hate friendly workers. I mentioned HUSBAND loud and clear.

He came back for my change and asked for my phone number.

I don't think I will honk that restaurant ever again.


simah said...

well..looking at the brighter side... u didnt have to cook at least that day...

i pun tak tahan la honking part ni... kat sini people love to honk too..though not as much as kat tempat u..

i suppose they have very thick ears not to mind the honks

Lollies said...

simah - tapi lain kali i will stick to drive thru kfc, ha ha

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MULAN said...

sini nak honk2 tak pa.. memang culture depa kuat mengehonk.. drive sometiems & i pun honk2 je la. just to let them know that they should be at the right lane. biol daku bawak kete sini!!!

pau tu ada lebih kaaa???

JoKontan said...

Ha ha.

Gonna try Noddy's Honk ? Camner agaknya. Tekan macam tak tekan tuu kot

put puuuut...