Monday, May 28, 2007

Blame the Parents

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketMy parents went to Carefour the other day. We went along too. As usual my mum would pull out the trolley and put me in there. Most of the times Kakak Sya would get in there too. Abang had to walk though.

My parents wanted to get themselves a cordless phone and stopped to compare between one phone to another. I can see abang already busying himself with the PS2 CDs. Even kakak jumped out of the trolley to join abang. I want to join them too. I begged my mum to take me out. "Ibu I want down! I want down!" Ibu trying to read the specs lifted me up and I ran to abang.

I have no idea why abang would want to look at those Cds even. Not that we have PS2 anyway.Yaaawwwnnn. I don't understand all the hype. No one is listening to me either. Hmm. Hey! Look at them biigg tvs. My my. I think I'll check it out. |Abang", I called out to Haziq, "Look! TV!" He usually likes watching the skateboard shows on those display TV. He ignored me and was busy reading the back of the CD. OK! I go alone!

Man this is boring. They are showing zoom up movie about flowers. Colourful flowers. Different tv same flower. Yaawwwnnn.

So I walked on further. Then the aisle ran out of TV. I turned, wondering where they all are. Not in sight. But hey look up in front! Are those toy sections?? Yayyyy! I know abang and kakak will always run to the toy section. But I got here first! yay! yay! Padan muka abang. I got to this game console first. I win! You lose!

But this is boring. Where is kakak? She would know what to press. They sure are taking too much time at the CDs.

Suddenly I saw Ibu walking past me looking for something. I shouted. "Ibu. Look I am playing game." She turned and immediately hug me and said where did you go?? Oh! Oh! Somehow I think I am in trouble. I kept quiet. I felt some kind of strange feeling. Ayah came looking angry. he barked that I get in the stroller and not to get out.

Then we moved and past the camping section. My mum was interested with this big garden shed. She opened the door and both abang and kak ran into it. They said it would be a perfect place to play hide and seek. I got up too. I want to play too! Ayah shouted at me! Sit jackjack. I blinked my tears away. But I just want to play with kakak abang.

Then Ibu said, its ok. Make you sure you sit back on your stroller. I played for a while and sat immediately after. I tried making jokes with Ibu. She didn't respond much at first. Until we got to the vege section. I got up and shook my butt to a song. She laughed. Then I sat back. I must please her this time. Occasionally I would got up and sat down until at one point Sya got to my stroller first. Which is fine by me. I want to walk with ibu now.

We got to the processed food section. Abang wanted some nuggets and sausages. I hate this section. It is cold and I cannot see anything. Everything is taller than me. Kakak was still in the stroller. I think I will go to ayah. I think he would want to queue up by now.

So I raaaaannnnnnnnnn. I raaaaannn.

Eh where is ayah? He was right in front of me just now.

He must be at one of the counters by now. Ok I should walk now. Looking at all the counters, I can see m&ms. I know what I want already. I want the green tube m&m. I am sure Sya wants a pink one. Abang who always think he is cool would want the nut one and refuse to take the tube one. He says its for babies.

Where is ayah? Walk further.

You can tell its me if you see me walking that day. I was hugging a big red balloon. We went to Pizza Express earlier and the kind Indonesian waiter gave each of us a big red balloon. Abang's balloon had popped. So i am making sure he is not taking mine. So there I was, walking with a big red balloon in my arms. I am the boy with the big red balloon.

I am worried! I couldn't see ayah. The counter aisle are almost at its end. I clutched my balloon tighter.

An Arab boy came to me and touched my balloon. I would usually smile back but I want my ayaaahhh now. I must not panic. I walked on.

Then I heard it, Jack!! I turned and it was ayah. He quietly pulled my hands and took me to ibu, abang and kakak. Ibu had that look. Sad? I am not sure. I have seen her sad. This is not just sad. She had a worried look. Guilty look and an angry look altogether. Everyone was quiet. I don't know what to say. I sat on my stroller.

In the car, everyone was quiet. It was so deafening this silence. I didn't even hear the radio even though it was turned on. After sometime, Ibu turned around to me. She looked at me. I took it as a cue. Ibu, I said, I want susu. She took me in her arms and kissed me. One long deep kiss on my forehead and I snuggled up to her bosom. Then she whispered something "Not to do that again. I was worried. Do not walk away without ibu and ayah with you. Please Jack. I love you"

I felt sad but was somewhat relieved.

I have this feeling in my heart. But I don't know what it is.

Comforted by the milk, I got up and dodged the big red balloon at abang.

And that was all I wanted to do. Play with the big red balloon.


Theta said...

Whew! Thank goodness it turned out alright!
Jack is so cute!

alex said...

Nana said...

adoii.. the nightmare of all parents. nasib baik all is well.

Mama Rock said...

ouch, i hate losing my kids! not that they were lost, they could be hiding behind the rows of clothes, the fitting room etc. jatuh jantung sekejap!

i once thought I lost Mikey in Mekah. we were walking together and he had his arms around my waist and within a second, he was gone! god, how i prayed! we found him 5 mins later, but that was the longest 5 mins of my life!

k.d said...

The feeling of your kids lost is horrible. A nightmare.

Glad everything's ok.

Kena ikat tangan tu kat ibu dia.

loveujordan said...

Alhamdulillah, no tearful tragedy .

Akak pernah 'terhilang' zaid dalam Oshkosh outlet di US masa dia umur setahun lebih, I cried tak terkata... my friend jumpa dia celah-celah baju yang tersangkut....pelik tu dah cari sebelum tu tak jumpa... you can never tell when the little one is out of sight...

~ahni~ said...

Dear jackjack, please sit still all the time in the stroller next time your family go shopping again. May be you can persuade your mummy to give you cough syrup so that you will sleep all the way to and fro the shopping complex.

ADIEJIN said...

way to go jackjack. Jin is proud of ya. You passed. Remember your job is to punish your parents. Make them suffer.hahahahHAHAHhahaHAHAH ( gelak macam Jin )

Anul said...

NIce entry kak lollies..

Y don't u start to teach the responsibility to look after Jack to his abang and akak. My mom did that when i was a kid.

she always said "abg..tgok adik tu..jgn biar lari jauh..nk gi mana sama2..nnt kalu tk jumpa mak..tunggu sini".. i learnt about responsibility in an early age..=]

alex said...

Lollies said...

theta - tulah. panik sungguh saya masa tu. I can feel what the parents would have felt. Oh constant agony
! memang nangis teruslah

nana - memang nightmare

mama rock - Ya Allah kat mekah ya. Sungguh rezeqi tu Allah ketemukan balik.

doc - tulah kalau nak train leash patut lagi awal. sekarang ni macam entahlah..tak sampai hati especially bila abang kakak bebas

rina - tu lagi satu celah2 baju tu. apa yg suka sangat main celah2 baju tak taulah

ah ni - ha ha ha tak senonohlah ko nak makan ubat batuk pulak

jin - ha ha ha. ni lagi jahat amat ni

anul - dah suruhlah tu. selama ni ok aje. this time round tak taulah jack. adventurous dan abang kakak terlalai. i guess hiikmah dia is to everyone supaya lebih alert. anak2 i tu memang leka je memanjang pun.

~ahni~ said...

Aku saje jer eksen tu suruh minum ubat batuk, ko sanggup ke bagi? Aku tak sanggupppppp!

anggerik merah said...

I understand the feeling...

So cute jackjack...and lovely ibu..