Thursday, June 14, 2007

Care for a cup of tea anyone?

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketI have different type of tea in my house. We have cammomile, earl grey, russian earl grey (what's the difference?), white tea, vanilla tea, forest fruit tea, lemon tea, rosehip tea and verbana. Oh and normal tea. Let me correct, I have different flavored tea. This is all Haziq's doing. He likes them so much, he insisted we get them. Last Ramadhan he even typed out and printed out schedules of tea for breaking fast everyday. I had to negotiate to make milo, chai (tea with milk or teh tarik) and coffee.

I tried masala tea with lover, but he doesn't seem to like it. It is your normal tea with mil, preferably thick ta and evaporated milk. For masala tea, you just add cardamom when the tea is brewing hot. Over here there is even evaporated milk already with the taste of cardamom. I must say it is an acquired taste. Lover didn't like it.

Now lover is so into a new flavoured tea. Mint tea.

Mint tea is just so easy to do. To make it is really as the name suggest. Tea with a few mint leaves. It should be drank hot with medium tea thickness.

And in a hot summer night, after a good dinner, I find this very refreshing.

Any other tea you want to suggest?


anne said...

Recently i ran out of my fav jasmine green tea...i made the normal lipton tea, and added a spoonful of sunquick orange gave the tea a nice fruity smell and flavour ...well, for emergencies, ok la. ;-)

1na said...

Emm saya minum teh cap boh, cap lipton, cap masjid dan kadang2 teh cap orang kampung. Itu kira different kind of tea jugak kan? hehehehe :D

Anonymous said...

I dah rasa semua tea yang u mentioned kecuali masala tea. My favourite is earl grey & rosehip peach.

Now baru beli another perasa from Cameron Valley. Strawberry, lemon and orange tea. Tengah minum strawberry tea campur honey and minum panas panas...hmmmmm....Sedapnyerrrrr!!!

(shah nampak u kat villagio yesterday afternoon with kids.MNG tgh sale tu tak shop shop ker?Im going today after fri prayer..see u there!!!)

Lollies said...

abbe - saya suka jasmine tea. selalu beli timbang kat kedai seh seh

ina - teh cap masjid tu sedap buat teh tarik. brrrrr

dills- beli cap liptonlah tu. hehe

laa dah nampak asal tak tegur. tapi semalamkan i tak sihat tau. asik berak-berak. 4 kali pergi toilet. macam shit (pun intended) muka pun serabai. ha ha ha. err tapi sempatlah pergi mng and tangkap satu blouse. nyeh nyeh. lepas mng lari gi toilet lagi. bila zara ni nak sale ah???

butterflutter said...

La ni kita suka minum green tea. Hari tu pi borong masa pegi cameron.

fayrahim said...

I only drink Tie Guan Yin & Jasmine Tea.

Oh and artisan tea as well. Its art and tea together!

check out my posting on my favourite teas -

Lollies said...

bf - oh kat cameron pun ada tanam ini teh ke?

fayrahim - your entry was interesting. best sangat.

Ir. Hanafi Ali said...

Saya takut minum teh banyak sangat takut errr susah buang air besar.

Mint tea memang sedap. Especially if you drink it in the streets of Rabat or Casablanca

Theta said...

I love mint tea!
In Malaysia, my hubby and I usually get them at Tarbush in Ampang Point. It's quite refreshing as you said.

Will try to find fresh mint leaves, or else, buy the prepacked ones at the supermarket.

akmal mubarak said...

Our specialties at home are Korean Ginseng Tea & Taiwan Green - places where my husband travels to. And I like all varieties from Twinnings too.