Monday, June 25, 2007

Hand Throwing Rubbish

As you all know by now, I am the self-proclaimed domestic goddess. I have to admit that despite being place in this stature I still have my days. (I am trying to avoid the word lazy here. Wouldn't want Tony to shout at me. heh heh). But truth must be told, there are times that I really do not feel like cooking. But because of my natural nature as a domestic goddess, I plan these heavenly days. All are calculated, well except when I fall sick.

I usually choose cooking day off on Thursday when we have our fortnight meet up. And plus Thursday is the last day of weekdays here. Still I have to whip up something for pot luck. Ahh the things that I have to do here.

I usually take the kids out to the mall for lunch and do some window shopping and stuff. I do enjoy these trips and let the kids let loose sometimes.

One of the lunches we had there, the kids were playing I-spy. I listened to their game and laughed when the question was too easy and still cannot be answered. Then I feel like treating them for an ice cream. But because I love torturing people, even my own children, I decided to join in the I-spy game.

So I said, "I spy with my little eye a "Hand throwing rubbish"".
Hand throwing rubbish.
What is the person wearing?
No person, just hand throwing rubbish.
Yup! Just hand.
Is it a word or a picture?
A picture of hand throwing rubbish.

is it near or far?
*roll eyes*. It's near.
clues we want clues.
Those are good enough. Hand throwing rubbish.

Can you guess? If you can, I'll get you one McDonald's ice cream whenever our path do cross.

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Picture taken while eating ice cream. Obviously correct answer given. You can get one too.


bertique said...

ooooohhhhhhhhh so long tak jumpa u! and skang baru jumpa (ok so many things happen, jap let me copy paste the address!)

how's everybody there ??

remember abt your offer during one of yr visit back to malaysia with jackjack ?? i think i need help .. HELP .. HELP .. HELP

cemas enough ??

m.u.l.a.n said...

noti2 ibu ni...

read yr n3 abt haziq tu, sama la dgn zharif ni. likes to make funny faces & acts which would distract frens & luv it when others laugh at him. geram betol i..!!

aiyaa.. int school here takde test/exam to monitor the kid's progress in class la. biol kepala i pikir2 ni.. dah lama dlm kepala ni. kot i hantar pi s'pore int school here, nanti stressful pulak, coz too academic.. wht do u think?

Jo Kontan said...

I know !

I know !!

It is the Rubbish Bin. Where you throw your junk after finish eating.

I want my ice cream. I want.


How's the Arab pronounce Mc D in Arabic. Mik Dunal / Mak Dunal ? Mim Alif Ka Dal wau...

When I was at school, they always said "I am Barking my car.." Ba rho kaf ya nga...


Lollies said...

bert - eh you still tak cakap dengan i apa help tu.

mulan - personally i rasa tak ada exam pun ok. sekolah haziq exam tu relakx aje tak macam malaysia. in fact some of them i tak tau pun ada test. there is ranking in the class. taulah sapa top. tapi tak tau sapa bottom. each kids is assess by his progress and perhaps what level he should be at that age. sekolah batrisyia sama sekolah dgn anak you. they learn through fun.

jokontan - sebab bahasa arab tak ada huruf p. kita ada dalam jawi sebab kita reka cipta sendiri. so pass, petrol semua tu jadi bass betrol.

anne said...

nak jawab jugak (sambil angkat angkat tangan ni...) tapi kalau tak dapat ice cream tak nak main lah