Wednesday, June 20, 2007

End of Term - Sya

It's the end of term for the children here before they brace for summer holidays (which I am going back HOME!!).

Typically before the term ends, there are parents teachers meet discussing about their kids progress and so forth. I must say it has been a good year for both Sya and Haziq. Both of them progressed well, and I am happy.

Remember batrisyia couldn't read when the school started? I am not so much worried because I think she can except that the lapse of time of not attending school adding to a lazy mother just delayed her. She can read fairly well now. And what is great is she is willing to hentam (just do it without care) saja. I value that in kids. Both Haziq and Sya do not mind hentaming when it comes to rading and quite a sport when we tell them they are wrong.

Batrisia also hentam alot when she writes. And she loves writing notes. To my dismay because papers are everywhere. Grrr. Sometimes she writes something, I have to make her read it for I am totally clueless. But still yayyy. So next year this is what I will nurture slowly. I am already starting. last night she wrote. "waht do you luk? (what do you like?). I pointed the "what". And she is writing "what" now instead.

By the way, I was asked to answer that in writing. I answered I like that Batrisyia is a good girl. Look at her beam.

I am trying to teach her BM. She is up to book 6 in bacalah anakku. Of course the teacher i.e. me is lazy. She is reading passages like parrots. So I am beginning to ask her questions about the passage to make her more aware of what she is reading. Next term I will get her to write in BM too.

Remind me that she needs different genres of book to expand her vocabulary and her knowledge too so that she can participate more during her topic lessons. They have topic subject that they discuss various topics in school. She tends to talk more when the topic is about her family, which is fine but she needs to be ready for more.

Her arts are quite detail (that's what the teacher say). And apparently she likes to sew. Eh ikut sapalak tu?

I find her quite a sharp person. The questions she ask me and things she observed caught me off guard. In group of friends, I notice that she sometimes play alone. Among the malayas, I find her always alone. Maybe not many friends her age. She used to mind that and got quite unhappy about it. But now she doesn't seem to care. She would just play together but alone. It's a different case with her brothers though. Then only she is chatty and sometimes mengada.

To Gart : Actually she can't write that well. She can't spell properly. I bet she cannot spell five and twelve and whatever. The thing is the teachers here do not look at that too much. I guess in Malaysia I should be very worried by now. And will correct it slowly. She is just four months younger than Asya.


butterflutter said...

My children pun selalu guess or as you put it 'hentam':)It's a good start rather than not reading or writing at all.

Wl be meeting Afiq's sk teacher next tuesday and also Sarah's kindy teacher next weekend.

You nak balik? Bila?

Note: I must visit garts efx.

macho hensem n bersuara merdu said...

i like the song.. sapa artist?? and lagu??