Thursday, June 21, 2007

End of Term - Haziq

Haziq did good for this term. He was the top for english. Also an excellent mark for his maths. Hooray!

Generally, he did well for all subjects except for French. He got poor for pronunciation. Oh well.

Here are some photos of him during the prize giving day. HERE

He has always been doing well in his academics I must say. So well such that early this year when he hiccuped, he brought alarm to his teacher. His teacher brought to my attention that he was fooling around in class, not passing up his work when it should be due and even when it is passed up, the quality was clearly low. No effort whatsoever. Last term he wrote a mere seven lines for a writing test.

Apparently he was seated besides this boy who is shall I say quite playful himself. haziq probably enjoying the fun begin to lax himself and his works. His teacher and I discussed this in front of Haziq and made it clear this playing around and neglecting his work is obviously not acceptable. He was actually making jokes out loud even during the exams, to the annoyance of many.

The teacher asked me whether I would want to move Haziq away from this boy. His name is Ali by the way. I answered no! Sound like not a very good move considering that I should be worried about this boy's influence on Haziq.

I said no because I think removing the boy is just a superficial solution. It will only cause resentment and might cause Haziq to retaliate and become worst. I wanted to give him a chance. Telling him I want to trust him and allowing him to prove himself.

I think the root problem is discipline. Haziq's self discipline. Knowing what he should and should not be doing his own self. How not to let people influence you for the worst of you. If he cannot learn it early enough, he will face even worst when he is older. I should know, considering what I went through as a teenage and most of my adult life.

I told Haziq make lots of friends. In the process bring your friend up. Improve each other and not put yourself lower than what you were. What is the point of progressing in life if you regress.

Haziq got a punishment from me that day. He was asked to write an apology letter for both myself and his teacher. I knew he cried. I think it was sufficient.

Anyway both the teacher and I think we made the right decision. For Haziq soared back to what he should have been. He is still playful and can be easily distracted though. Oh please help me to help him with his concentration skills. He is always fidgety. And because of that sometimes he does not listen well. Any suggestions?

I am happy to report to you, that Ali has improved in his academic work as well. Job well done to everyone.

While you are at Haziq's photos during the prize giving day, do peek at his various concert day photos HERE.


k.d said...

I think generally boys are like that. I asked few of my friends with boys and they said they have to sit down, take a little time with them and supervise them during homework time.

I think Haziq will continue to do well...anak you kan!!

IbuHaziq said...

hey there...u've been tagged. go to my blog kay... :)