Thursday, September 06, 2007

Which side of the road?

If you keep having to drive on different side of the road beause you are in a different countries with different set of driving rules. Just remember, when you drive, the driver side must always be in the middle of the road. (Think two way road, one lane each side).

If you stick to this basic rule, Insya Allah, you won't accidentally get in the wrong lane. Especially when you make a turn on a quiet road with no other car in front to guide you. Then you don't have to wonder why the heck is the incoming car driving towards you.

P/S : In the middle east, we drive on the right side (meaning driver seat is on the left) of the road here whilst drivers in Malaysia and UK and Australia (?) drive on the left side (driver seat is on the right).

OK hopefully this can illustrate my point

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The two cars in the picture badly drawn above have driver seat on the left. If you can't tell already, the two cars are driving towards each other. The pink dot is the driver. The red car is the one driven on the correct side of the road. Whereas the yellow car, obviously driven by someone who is confused, probably just came back from vacation, is driven on the wrong side.

To be sure you are always on the correct side, the driver side must be in the middle of the road i.e. next to the road lines. That's what I mean by the middle of the road. I hope.

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atiza said...

aku confused sekarang nih...

kau dah balik doha kan?

ke still kat mesia lagi?

Theta said...

Pardon me for asking, but were you the one who drove on the wrong side of the middle line? :)

That aside, hope you've recovered from your fever and aching body.

Take care!

Lollies said...

atiza - asal ko konpius? aku dah kat doha dah ni

theta - hahahahahahaha. well spot dear.

cikdinz said...

in the end, the both car involved in accident bcoz of confusing....heheheheee...

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

oh my, i wouldnt bother driving *

how was the sponging? feeling any better?


Anul said...

Ooo..btul gak ek..tak terpk pula..maklum la tk penah mengalami situasi camtu

~ahni~ said...

aku pun macam tiz gak le, confuse, bila hang balik pun tak perasan, bila hang balik sana pun tak perasan.

Hang ingat balik mesia tu macam KL pi melaka ka? sat dok sini sat dok sana.

Ni mesti hang balik sana dok lupa nak bawa kereta belah kiri ka kanan.....

BDP said...

that would be difficult if you are driving a left hand drive car on a right had drive road and what if you are driving in an F1 car, where the driver sits in the middle... eh aku cakap apa ah?


Lollies said...

cik dinz - oh tidaaaakkk

zaza - heh heh. kat sini terpaksa. the public transportation sucks.

anul - silalah ingat petua ini sampai bebila pun jua

ah ni - oh kalaulah balik kl-doha semudah dan semurah itu aku selalu amat balik

bear - hah kalau bawak kereta seat belah kiri tapi left hand drive system, silalah terbalikkan petua ini. jika awak bawak kereta f1 di jalan biasa..itu tandanya anda sedang bermimpi. ahaks