Monday, September 03, 2007

Down with Fever

Aching muscle.

Hot popping eyes.

Boiling head.

Bursting chest.

Flaring nostrils.

Heated body.

I am down with fever. Today is my third day.What made it worst is that all the kids have the same thing. I feel that I couldn't lift a finger to do anything. Even lying down hurts. But a mother still needs to tend to her kids.

It has been a long time since I last sponge the kids especially the bigger two. But I am not taking chances. I heard even adults can be affected by bad fever.

I think the heat has gotten me. I went out for someone makan-makan at 10 in the morning but the sun was so hot it bites. And after that, all four of us except the macho lover had this fever. The kind of fever that refuse to go away. That aches you and make you feel weak.

I feel like I don't want to cook at all. I feel like i want to curl up all the time. No one waking me up that they want to pee. That they feel like vomitting. And I don't want to waste energy doing mental calculation when to feed the kids their meds.

But I still cook albeit cincai one. Even though I think the kids won't eat. I made chicken soup noodle yesterday. Not very laku. Today I am making butter chicken and baked potatoes. The kids can smell the potatoes baking and seem to grow an apetite. The butter chicken is taken from this SITE but modified. Thanks to my everyday watching NTV7 in the morning.

Now I just want to lie down.

Oh I need sponging too.


ZazaHardy said...

awww.. you poor thing! take it easy and get well soon! yes, you deserve a good sponging..


HEMY said...

sian la kak lollies..moga cepat sembuh yeaa...musim demam kat sini dh reda..

Nana said...

take care!

hope you get well soon ya.

Yume said...

Get well soon dear. The stork always visited me in August. So another baby arrived, 9 weeks early. 3 babies 28, 29 and 30 August.Just out of the hospital yesterday but baby is in the special care, maybe for another month.

Anonymous said...

get well soon mummy!! have lots of rest

lion3ss said...

Oh you poor dear! Hope you get well real soon..