Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Entertainer

I really want to bring all my photo albums from Malaysia. Als the weight for all of them would be a bit too much. And my priority is still on my cili kering and ikan bilis. But I still manage two of them. One is my thick, lacy wedding album. Adakah ini bermakna akan ada a scan photo of gambar kahwinku?. And one small photo album, the one that they give you for printing a roll of film.

The small album was pictures of the day before I gave birth to Zachary, also when I was in the midst of pushing him out of me, his bloody picture (literally) and the whole one month of Zachary in this world.

I was flicking the album earlier, and one photo caught my attention. It was this one:-

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I believe Zachary was somewhat one month old this time. perhaps six weeks. As he seems alert with his surroundings. Batrisyia was three and Haziq was six.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketHaziq lives up to his role in this photo. He has always been the entertainer in this household especially among his siblings. Sya and Jack can never be the same cheerful children when Haziq is not around. So much so that there was one time I took only Sya and Jack to see Dory (our first meet), the two were grumpy and refuse to be happy.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketThe other day we went to the dunes (yet again). It was a foggy morning. So I opened the car door to enjoy the speed and the fresh air. Haziq stick out his head and came in with his hair sticking out. Sya and Jack tried hard to emulate but Sya's hair was too long while Jack's was too short. But they had fun laughing at their comical abang. But then haziq decided to go to another car because his friend was there. Suddenly the car became so quiet and the kids became grumpy.

I was bless to have Haziq who never show any form of jealousy when he first had a sibling. the moment he sees Sya, he began to play with her. The moment a baby was coming along, he'd plan things to play for the three of them. There was no attention deprive action from him. It was like he has so much love to give. he didn't have any problem sharing my love and his love.

He has always been Sya and Jack's source for entertainment and fun and games. Such that sometimes Haziq has difficulty to concentrate on his homework, with Zachary fencing the foam sword on him or Batrisyia continuously wanting him to do something with her. On top that he has a short-span attention capability.

Haziq so far never fail the role of being the one to create games and things to do. And you know something is happening around him because you can hear him miles away. Sometimes I wish for him to silence down.

But most of the times, I am just happy that he makes my life so much more cheerful with lots of happy noise. And my mothering work so much easier.


ADIEJIN said...

anta jamal cute...

cikdinz said...

amboi..... dah besar-besar semuanya...

simah said...

asistant mama no 1.. memang lega kan bila anak in his sweet way tolong ringankan beban even for a domestic goddess?

sempena bulan yg mulia ni..salam aidiladha dari kami disini... maaf zahir dan batin :0)

IbuHaziq said...

bestnyer baca ur stories on the kids. haziq has grown up to be a fine young man eh....u must be so proud of him....of course sya and jack jack as well. :)

Lollies said...

jin - itu artinya awak (untuk orang lelaki) unta cute. hahahahaha. lu lawaklah

dinz - harapnya jailah orang yang berguna :D

simah - i am sure hatice pun samakan?mudah kerja kita.

selamat hari raya dear/

ibuhaziq - proud jugaklah. anaklah katakan. i am sure your haziq, dengan didikan you, will grow up a good man.

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

happiness. one cant help but to smile and feel the love when looking at the photos of the 3 of them.

and as for your charming entertainer, he's gonna melt so many girls hearts and grow to be one fine person. too bad i dont have a daughter! hahaha..