Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Lagi-lagi Jack

Life resumes yesterday for me.

However, as per the covenant between myself and lover, since he insisted that I move Sya and Jack to haziq's school, he is now to send all the kids to school while I will only fetch them in the afternoon.

Yesterday was the first day. And come that day, I was feeling a bit useless and less of keibuan not sending them. Especially knowing my lover just want to drop them at the gate and go off. I had to coax lover to send Jack to his class.

Jack was happy that his father is the one sending him yesterday. But today after kisses and hugs and big smooches, he turned and wept.

Huhuhuhuhu..I tell you, gua cair babe..cair!

Aku nak kena hantar ke?
Eh tapi nanti kelas aku start susah. Jauh tu.

Aku patut hantar ke?
He should learn to grow up.

Patut ke aku hantar dia?
Look at the luxury of time you have now (before class starts that is)

Aku ke yang patut hantar?
Wei kan dah buat perjanjian dengan lover. Perjanjian tetap perjanjian.

So it's ok, all of us will go through this phase, Insya Allah.

I called lover to quiz him (because I am a quizzer). Soo...did you send Jack to his class? And he replied (knowing it is exactly what I want to know),"and I stayed with him a 10-15 minutes longer as well" Hooray! I doubt the 15 minutes actually, but that's good enough for me.

Today when Jack comes back, I feel like berkubanging with him on the bed.

On another note, in my quest to teach Jack's on body function, we had a very interesting conversation.

"What if I take out your eyes?" I asked.
"Then I cannot see.". he said smiling.

"What if I take out your ears?"
"Then I cannot hear."

"What if I take out your bon-bon?"
"Then I cannot poo-poo. And poo-poo is good for you." He replied seeking for confirmation as well.
"Yes poo-poo is good for you."

"What if I take out your nose?"
"Then I cannot pick my nose"

Oh yeah! That's my boy!



butterflutter said...

Macam tu lah Mak kan. Selalu rasa serba salah.
Mr hantar afiq everyday and most of afiq's classmates mmg kenal benarlah my husband tu. Siap boleh hi hi uncle lagi.
Jack2 so cute...

IbuHaziq said...

hahaha...lawaks la jack...cute...classic la the last one tuh.... :p

mamarawks said...

*hi 5 jackjack!

GREAT answer.. heheheh

mamarawks said...
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Lana said...

lah.. i pun fikir sama cam jack jack..hihi

Lollies said...

BF - biasalah mak mak. nanti kengkawan dia pun ber hi hi uncle jugaklah kot.

ibu haziq - he he. hobi tu

mamarawks - BIG GRIN

lana - angkat kening kat lana

~akuni~ said...

Uh uh uh... memang Jack ni noti boi ya... nanti aunti akuni cubit kang...

atiza said...

itu ler aku malas nak cuti lama2..nanti bila start sekolah balik..penat..ada yang tak nak sekolah la..yang melalak la...

rasa bersalah itu standard la..aku rasa all mama sedonia rasa cenggitu kot...

Jill said...

to hell with breathing through nostrils, picking nose lagi syiok! jack certainly got his priorities right.

Anonymous said...

adam's first day at tadika (last monday) was a non-event but now, he tells the teacher that he is penat and wants to rest or do a little writing only. and he refuses to wear the uniform. the teacher kata tak pe-lah, asalkan dia nak ke sekolah...

I Do

p.s starting to get the hang of not having a helper around. a little bit rushed especially after work but rasa lega, no more worries...except for the huge amount of laundry!!!!

Lollies said...

akuni - jangan kuat-kuat tau. nanti dia nangis. :P

atiza - standardlah kan?

jill - hahahahhahahaha.

I do - i boleh imagine dia cakap dgn cikgu. :D

and kemas rumah. oh man tak tahan. he he good luck!

zan said...

smart boy!!

bab2 yg membuatkan hati ibu cair tu yg tak tahan, tapi bestlaa you can watch them closely being SAHM *envious mode ON*

mosh said...

i don't pick my nose, i mine them ehehe.

another smart boy in the making :)

Lollies said...

zan - he he. marilah kita meramaikan SAHM.

mosh - mine? mak oi! mesti tak ada cuti tu. kerja aje. heh heh

1 said...

membesar bagai johan. hoyeh. kudos jack jack! make mummy proud selalu.