Saturday, October 11, 2008

Our Ramadhan Activities

Do you remember my post about the books that I bought for the kids some time ago? You can read it again HERE. Anyway, two of the book collections as the following came in very handy during Ramadhan.

books books

After discussing with them about Ramadhan and Laylatul Qadr, I was thinking how best should I conclude our lessons. How best to ensure that they understand. In fact I have been thinking for quite some time, how best to wrap our lessons up.

And Allah answered my questions, Subhanallah. I was directed from one link to another and stumbled upon LAPBOOK.

Apparently, lapbook is the hip thing among the homeschoolers.

Lapbook is a like a portfolio of work that can contain anything from worksheets, paper flaps, pockets to mini books. It is one tool that best summarises your work. nearly all thinkable topics can be made into a lapbook. It can be used from the little 4 year olds up to adults even. You can design it scrapbook like with lots of design and paper pasting. You can make drawings, graphs, stories, diagrams and whatever you want. I guess your only limit is your creativity.

Why is it call a lapbook? because it's in a form of a cardboard holder that is made into a book that fits on your lap. :D

If you want to read a better explanation on lapbook do read it here.

Soooooooooooooooooo, guess what we made?
Our very first LAPBOOOK. Yayyyy
And the title was OUR RAMADHAN BOOK.


The top picture is the cover page coloured by Sya and Jack. The bottom picture is what you see in the book. We pasted flaps containing information on Ramadhan, question and list of answers, time for saum, the Suratul Qadr, Quran verses and hadiths. basically everything about Ramadhan.

The kids tremendously enjoyed doing the pasting and the cutting. We used whatever we have in the house. Master Potty left us a lot of white carboards. I also cut up some paper bags, wrapping papers. I even pasted Jack's school artwork. I truly enjoyed making them getting a grasp of what they have learnt throughout Ramadhan. I hope it has been beneficial to them as it was for me.

There were a lot of planning involved before doing the lapbook, obviously. I certainly appreciate teachers who do activities with their students, for to create even one page requires a whole lot of research and planning. But of course I should not take the credit all for myself. I took most of the ideas from this site, RAISING MUSLIMS. May Allah bless the author for such wonderful work. Do click at the site, and explore other sites that she linked even further. I learned tremendous!

What I love most when the kids had to answer in their own words. One of the questions was

Good deeds that I can do

* prepare for iftar
* help ibu clean
* be helpful to people
* sweep the floor for ibu
* derma
* tolong ibu basuh pinggan
* be nice to people
* baca quran
* tarawikh prayers

See..a lot of things for me. Cikgulah katakan. tee he he

This lapbook shall be used again and again each Ramadhan time comes and I hope to add in stuff and make it even better. It is also an easy tool to make revision because nearly all information are there. When Jack can appreciate Ramadhan better, he would be using the book too. ALhamdullilah.

Anyway, I typed out a more detail contents of the Ramadhan lapbook in another site. If you want you can read it there.

Ramadhan lapbook : This is the first page of the book. It opens up a question to the readers on "Why do we fast?"

Ramadhan Lapbbok 2 : This is the middle page of the book. Look at our laylatul Qadr activities

Ramadhan lapbook 3 : This is the wrap ups. It contains questions the kids need to answer in their own words like "The good deeds you can do during fasting" and "what do we learn from fasting?"

Ramadhan Lapbook- Post review : This entry is about my plans for the next Ramadhan lapbook (which will be done come next Ramadhan). It will include on how to improve the current lapbook and also planned activities.

I am planning to use this new site to write up the syllabus of the lessons that I do with the kids. I have been making syllabus for the kids for nearly a year now. What I need to do now is to share it with a bigger audience. This is in the hope to receive better suggestions and constructive criticisms to improve myself.

My syllabus, however, was a collection of syllabus that I found from either textbooks or the net. With my very limited knowledge on the subject I am teaching, I certainly need help from all of you.

I hope also by sharing, we all can gain more towards the betterment of everybody. Do visit my new site now and again at

At the moment though, it only has topics on our current work : lapbook. tee he he. semangat je lebih.

sya,jack haziq


Ummi365 said...

bagusnyer.. ada bakat jadi cikgu..

Nina Zan said...

i'm amazed. To be able to sit with Najwa checking her homework is a luxury but managed to do all these? complete with research and all. Isk malunya kiter.

Looks fun and educational for the kids and like you said, for us too.

I must MUST make time for a lapbook soon. Remind me! not now la, lepas Najwa habih exam kot.

nurul said...

kreatif betul akak ni....anak dara akak cantiklah....

Lollies said...

ummi - cikgu kat rumah bolehlah sikit-sikit. tee he he

nina zan - you see i dont have the luxury of having sekolah agama round here. entah betul ke tak aku buat ni tak taulah. :(. aku pray that i am guided correctly untuk ajar anak aku sendiri. sebenarnya itu pasal aku share. i am hoping for criticism for my imrpovement.

aku suka lah lapbook ni. sebab pakai own words and the kids did it themselves, dia orang suka review balik. somehow i think it helps, insya Allah.

nurul - sikit2 creative adalah.

IbuHaziq said...

wowwww.....very creative.will definitely try to apply the same later in the future Insya Allah ;)

thanks for sharing...

Verignac said...

hang ni rajin sungguh hheehehhe kagum aku!!

w@ntw¤b┬Ácklem¥sh¤e. said...

mummy. teknik itu sangat amazing! bringing everybody together and let them have fun and understand what they are doing. amazed i am. kudos.

butterflutter said...

How I wish I can do that too. Since anak2 pun dah besar all can contribute. I selalu jenguk one of the uks members yg live in US who homeschooling her children. Masya Allah I admire her.
Keep it up lollies. I hv to catch up with work *sigh

mosh said...

i've never told you this but i really admire what you are doing with the children... caya caya!

Gartblue said...

i'm green with envy!!

you lolls are one amazing woman!

aku jeles.

*nak balik rumah buat jugak la*

Lollies said...

ibuhaziq - enjoy him when he is smaller. sebab dah besar lagi banyak kerja. :D

fasha - alaa empak aje lebih. :P bukan rajin pun

wan - memang pun. even jackjack enjoys colouring

BF - i need to get tips from you. care to share?

mosh - oohh you admire eh?

gart - buat buat. he he

elisataufik said...

Masya-Allah... So rajin!!
I am embarassed sebab I dont make time to do these stuff with my kids :P
Padahal you even gave me the book :P

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