Wednesday, October 22, 2008

O2 Overdosed : Lata Berkoh

This was our last trip on the whole O2 overdosed series. We didn't initially plan to go to Lata Berkoh but decided to go anyway looking at the photos. And also the kids were pestering to have a swim in the river again. The rapid shooting dip was not enough. Which I agreed.

Plus Lata Berkoh is also a chance for us to go slightly deeper into Taman Negara. What we went earlier was just the outskirts of Taman negra.

So we made an impromptu decision and decided to go to Lata Berkoh. We checked out of the hotel. Stuff our bags in the car and get only essential gears.

Lata Berkoh is about 8 km from the "port" of Taman Negara.

MalaysiaI say port I don't really mean port like what port really mean. But the activities of taking travellers from the jetty which borders the mainland and Taman negara were so lively with people and boats taking people away, sending people in, crossing the river to and fro made me call it a port.

It took us about an hour of boat ride to get there. We went through quieter waters. We were shaded almost all the way by the canopies of big trees. It was a really nice boat ride. It was fresh and it felt like clean air filled my lungs. 20 minutes more I think Zachary would have fallen asleep. :p

You know going back to Malaysia is a hell ride for my respiratory system. I had continuous selsema and cough. But a few days in Taman Negara cleared it.

The river got shallower and sometimes I could feel the boat hitting some rocks underneath. The water was so clear. It was beautiful.


When we reached the place that we were going, we had to walk about 700m to Lata Berkoh. It was an easy walk. But I perspired all the way. Man it was humid. I just couldn't wait to get myself in the cool clear water. Inviting betul.

But when we finally got there, it doesn't look suitable for the kids. It was deep and the possibility of rushing water is there. Thus the possibility the water hitting us is there. But the mat salleh dengan anak kecik pun dive aje. It was so deep the water was almost black. Takutlah aku. Bukan kata budak kecik, aku pun takut nak terjun. It is more that 8 feet deep.


So we retracted back to a spot we saw earlier. The water was shallow and there were no drops with big rocks. A spot just nice for all of us to dip in.


Setelah tangan mulai kecut, we moved out and took a boat ride back. Halfway we stopped at the Kelah sanctuary.

If you like fishing, you'd want to go here. I am clueless about fishing but I saw a video on how they fished for Kelah, apparently the King of the River. Man they are hard to catch and even when you manage to catch them, they will fight. It can take hours to get them out of the river after being hooked. And sometimes, you'd lose too for they are quite strong to snap away.

At the river bank they allow you to throw fish food into the river to feed some fish that I don't know the name. I got myself in the water to get better picture. The kids after seeing me got in too. But I think it is quite gross to be swarmed by the big fish. Macam gelilah. And after that I smelt of fish the whole day long.


I would recommend this trip to anyone. It was nice to be in the tranquil of the rainforest.

Of course there are harder and tougher trips. There was even one called hardcore trip which consists lots of climbing I suppose. At my rate? Hmm takpalah. But I would go again for slightly harder trips when the kids are older. But that would mean I am older too eh? Uhuk uhuk

It was also a challenge taking photographs here. In the forest where little sunlight comes in, i had to control the aperture and speed. Ahh susahnya. Pakai flash glaring pulak. Slow sangat blur pulak. And sometimes due to the reflection of the water, the pictures are slightly overexposed and when I change the setting we got under the shades gambar jadi gelap.Penat betul. And taking the SLR memanglah memenatkan.

Anyway, after the trip we went straight back to KL. Stuff our smelly baju in the washing machine and later we had dinner with Elisa's clan at muhibbah and further lepak at her house until 12.

So amacam? Ada rasa mau pergi Taman Negara? Bessttt tau!

You want to see more photos. Click HERE.

Surah Ah Nahl : 15-18
And He has set up on the earth mountains standing firm, lest it should shake with you; and rivers and roads; that ye may guide yourselves; (15)

And marks and sign-posts; and by the stars (men) guide themselves. (16)

Is then He Who creates like one that creates not? Will ye not receive admonition?(17)

If ye would count up the favours of Allah, never would ye be able to number them: for Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful. (18)


Nadia said...

oh my! your story and your pics looks so la inviting...

but i think i have to wait for another err... 4 years kot to be there.. maklumla nak pergi tmpt adventure ngan kanak rebina ni leceh sikit.. but it listed in my place-must-to-visit.

zan said...

best best best!!!

aku ingat lagi naik boat ride tu mmg cooling habis dan ada lah jugak terlelap...zzz...

suka tak muhibbah? our fav restoran heheh...

Lollies said...

mamarawks - memangkah sungguh jemput jemput gamabar itu. he he he. laaa anak awak kecik kecik lagi. Tungguuuuuuu

zan - i think yang tertido tu sebab naik boat dari jerantut sampailah ke taman negara. man berjam0jam tu.tak tahan betul. Tapi now boleh drive terus sampai taman negara. Bolehlah tidur dalam kereta. ada aircond. tee he he

ya saya suka muhibbah. :D

mosh said...

memang best! i've alwaya wanted to go tapi takut tak seswai sebab bebudak kecik lagi. i will do one day insya-allah.

good memory you have there. can still recall all the details though it must've been like 2 months ago kan?

cikdinz said...

ooo...ada kat tanahair rupanya..

masa saya memula sampai kat sana, rasa mcm tak nak balik. tak sangka dlm dunia ni ada tempat seindah dan senyaman itu...

Lollies said...

mosh - now tak boleh pergi mosh awak tu. Tunggu besar sikit. Baru boleh enjoy

cik din - Kan? Subhanallah!

atiza said...

tak aci..pakai boat..last time we had to battle the pacat gatal..(dia geget kat tempat tak patut di geget..heheheh)...

neway...seems like time stood still there..macam masa kita camping

elisataufik said...

aik .. mandi pun macam tempat yang sama aje nih... eheheh

famyGirl said...

someday, someday... insyaAllah sampailah saya ke sana. :)