Sunday, October 19, 2008

O2 Overdosed : Perkampungan orang Asli and Gua Telinga

Still aching the day after.

We went to kampung orang asli next. It's like a place that is a must to visit when you go to taman Negara. I went there before and I went there again.

The aborigines are the only people allowed to live and exhaust the produce from the forest of the Taman negara. Usually the one that allows you to visit them are the one most open to the "outside world". their main economic activity is from tourist industry and small crafts. They go to school and many can speak malay. Our tour guide who is an orang asli himself can speak english you. he is also the most highly sought after by tourist agents and any government functions concerning orang asli. There are other tribes who are not interested with this kind of life but prefer to live close to nature.

Malaysia Malaysia

They live in small huts with no room partition. They usually cook outside in the open. The kids wear normal kid clothes. I suspect it should be the best gown they have. And the activity for tourists like me they typically showed they light fire (since they don't have a stove and those tik tok thing to light fire) and how they use their blowpipe.

Malaysia,haziqHaziq had a tremendous time on the blowpipe. We all took turns to blow. Just as I begin to wonder how do they live without the basic amenity of electricity like water from pipe and electricity and grocery stores, I bumped into an unused VCD player on the ground. Hmmm..

Malaysia Malaysia

And at the end of the day, some malay ladies come with bags of goodies of lauk pauk and stuff. And the orang asli bought food from them! Hmm so much of nyalakan api and sumpit binatang! He he he

But still go and visitlah. It's good to know.

Pictures of our visit to the perkampungan orang asli can be found HERE.

Then we went to Gua telinga not knowing what to expect. I know it is a very small cave which has bats. But like they say, you will only believe it when you see it.

The cave is really narrow. My camera lens kept bumping on to the walls. Nasib baik gua letak bag camera tu kat luar cave. Kalau tak tak cukup tanganlah nak pegang semua.

The slightly leceh part when we were in the cave is the cave is slippery and there are quite a lot of climbing both up and down. The gap is narrow and very little space to maneuver. Because Jack and perhaps the other two kids also are still not very agile in their movement, lover had to assist them many times. We also had to assist another family (japanese) who has three kids younger than mine. And they are wearing crocs pulak tu. Asiklah kerja tercabut.

Pity the guide, he was trying to assist Sya by directing her where to put her footing, he himself fell into the water. He he.

Man it was a clumsy trip for me. Nak balance camera, pegang torchlight, pegang batu and dinding walls to balance myself, help jack. Tak cukup tangan!

But the kids were again very well behaved and cooperate in whichever way possible. they are the main reasons we never tire to go places. they are always eager to learn and not too afraid of unfamiliar territory and getting themselves dirty. Made just the way I like it. Alhamdullilah.

Malaysia Malaysia

Anyway, there were bats in the cave. They are the blood sucker one. Eeeewww, actually I felt goosebump looking at them black squishy beings.

bats are another great sign from Allah. the way they navigate themselves without sight to use except by the sound wave they produce. Subhanallah! But they look so squishy. Squishy things with red eyes.


If you are claustrophobic, this cave is not for you. If you are on a large side this cave is also not for you. If your child needs to be carried most of the time, the cave is not for you. If you don't see why caves can be interesting, then any cave is not for you.

But this Gua telinga is something else lah because it is underground. They actually go much deeper into the ground, but for safety reason, those do not become tourist area to go.

We came out safe and sound. My hands covered in moss or bats dung for all you know and sweat. It was another good day.

Pictures of our visit to Gua Telinga can be found HERE.


أم الليث said...

sorry la kalau insensitif komen. but quite curious. erm cenne org asli dpt duit nak beli makanan tu eh?

Anonymous said...

kenot, kenot, i'm going to be stuck in the cave in horror of confined space. (i've already imagined the situation where i will be stuck... that's sad and humiliating at the same time, hu hu)

i'm both claustrophobic and hugeeee...

i have to say no to this cave exploring activity. (-__-)

Zaitul said... an adventure...menarik...

mosh said...

wah dalam cave pun bley dapat gambar with the light softly dispersed tu. terrer terrer.

Lollies said...

ummi layth - oh sorry my fault. i should have explained. Most of these orang asli ni their main income are from tourism. i think for every head they charge the agent certain amount of money. they also sell crafts and sell stuff from the forest. I know some of them now ada tanah and tanam akar kayu and what nots. the hottest now is kayu gaharu. a valid question indeed.

ibloghopper - tak apa banyak lagi gua boleh venture. :D

ibu haziq - it was really a good experience

mosh - heh heh kenalah ambik pakai manual. aperture bring down sampai 2.8. he he

Gartblue said...

errr .. i'm not huge (perasan) and neither am I claustrophobic, but I think aku takut pegang bat's dung! he he he ..

but seriously aku gelak giler tengok that DVD player .. ha ha .. you sure give different perspectives to everything typical .. I love you!!

Anonymous said...

err... err.. berapa banyak mulut dah pakai kat sumpit tuh?

kalau horse rider, diorg pakai torch light yang lilit kat kepala tuh. Terang.

elisataufik said...

eh macam kampung sama aje yang I pegi nih.. even the guy looks the same.
Or maybe they all look the same?
tee hee.

Lollies said...

gart - babe..with the 5 kilos you are definitely not on the large side. :D

rotidua - err err errr

elisa - hahahhahaha. dua dua boleh jadi kemungkinan yang mempunya kebarangkalian yang sama.

m.u.l.a.n said...

masih syawal kan.. taqobbalallaahu minna waminkum..

syok la pose 29 hari je..

been to taman negara 12 years ago (honeymoon/outdoor trip konon).

thanx for sharing, boleh bikin tips untuk pi nanti dengan askar2 ku ini.. dolu2 misti lain punyah..

Anonymous said...

aku ingat dulu aku tak join pergi gua telinga ni..asal ah? kau pergi tak? aku ingat aku ngan sherene tak gi

Lollies said...

mulan - and may Allah reward you for your steadfast in Ramadhan. Ameen

waahh boleh buat lagi honeymoon ni. bawak anak2 pulak

atiza - kita tak pergi sebab kita mandi sungai dan kena sekodeng. ahaks!