Saturday, January 03, 2009

Still a Goddess in 2009?

I had a few guests yesterday. They came traveling from Yemen and transit in Qatar for two nights before going back to Malaysia.

I made a few plans which I think will suit them. Since there are two elderly couple, duning is out of the question. Plus they don't have that much time anyway.

I planned to take them to the corniche on the Friday morning. We'll do some breakfast. Then the man (ada satu aje pun) will go to Fanar for Jumuah prayers. And I will send the ladies back to the hotel while I go back home and prepare for lunch. I invited the Faths and Adubs and also a dear sister of mine, Sis Far and family. After that I will either take them to Souq Waqif or the book fair. My guests memang book worm. I know this. Rumah dia orang ni jenis ada library ber rak rak.

Because of the going out in the morning and I need to rush for lunch right after, I thought of making something simple. Things I can prepare beforehand. I made nasi ayam. Made the soup the night earlier. Woke up early. Prepare for breakfast. I only made sardine rolls and kopi susu kampung. Thanks to the Adubs who teringin sangat nak makan lontong. So they volunteered to make them. Otherwise I would have to make a heavier breakfast. Mee goreng kot. Alhamdullilah for the lontong, I decided that too much food in the morning will only cause wastes. :D

I wasn't feeling very well. Flu and feverish feeling. So I slept out of drowsiness on Thursday. And only start preparing at night. Made the sardine filling. The soup. Marinate the chicken. Cut up the cucumbers and salads. Made the chilly sauce for the nasi ayam (fresh chillies ok. pijor tangan). Also made some popiah. And sago puding. Santan fresh tau. Perah lagi.

Woke up early and roll the bread. Made breadcrumbs and fried the sardine rolls. Made the nasi ayam as well. I should have time, I think, to prepare for lunch after corniche. Tinggal nak goreng ayam. Goreng popiah. kemas dapur, sapu and mop. Put out plates and cutlery. Sikit ajelah. Kerja enteng itu.

Had good breakfast and wonderful company. MasyaAllah! Then my guests also said they want to go to Fanar too and listened to Bilal Philips Khutbah. Asik baca buku dia aje kata mereka. They were all excited to go! Masya Allah! I am making Jumuah in Fanar as a permanent must visit itinerary for all my guests, Insya Allah!

So I should have time to kemas-kemas and prepare. Mrs Adub followed me home to help out. We got home only to realise that I do not have the house keys. It was with lover! Huwaaaaaaa

I can't call lover. So tunggulah aku and Mrs. Adub sampai tertidur. My guests wanted to stay on after the Jumuah for the question and answer session. Thankfully, the Fars went out earlier, so lover passed the keys to him and he came straight to my house. So I had half an hour extra time. Kesian Sis Far pun kena tolong basuh pinggan bereserak kat sink and the kitchen table.

The house was like tongkang pecah ok! I would have time if I have the keys. But now I don't and the guests were here and I am still running everywhere. MALUNYAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!

And when they finally came still tak siap lagi. Nangis!

And because it's cold now, everyone is hungry. When dah siap of courselah semua nak makan at the same time. Pinggan pulak tak cukup!!! I am burying myself alive!

Malulah wei. Amat! All my guests helped. Malu! Malu! Malu!

Dahlah Sis Far tu first time datang rumah. Kena singsing baju pulak tolong.

And this is only the beginning of 2009. I think I nak tukar titlelah from now on. The Goddess Wannabe.


They not only go to the book fair which they bought plastics and plastics of books. We also went to Rawnak for more books. Masya Allah! Book galores I tell you. You'd go crazy too. the Islamic books (mainly the IIPH (International Islamic Publishing House) ) are cheap! Hardcover bolehlah range QR30-40. Eh! Kat Malaysia berapa ya buku2 dari IIPH?


Nazrah Leopolis said...

hey, don't be too hard on yourself. ur friends love you! not becoz ur house is spick and span, tapi sebab hati u yang pemurah.

can you feel God's hand in this? ah, what i would give for a bowl of lontong today, makan dgn kuah lodeh, sambal sotong, serunding ahhh...

zan said...

lollies...nazrah is right...i would come to your house because of you, you, you...minum air kosong pun takpe!

you'r such a great host, baik hati and people love you for that :)

p/s: tapi tabik laa flu n feverish feeling pun still masak penuh 1 table ...caya laa lollies!

Hansac said...

Lain kali simpanlah pinggan plastic disposable yang biasa orang guna untuk parties tu. Sudu/garpu plastic.

I am sure you will have more guests coming and guess what! You will have more chances to screw up but thanks to Pakcik Hansac, now you're better prepared.

Lollies said...

nazrah and zan - wei. you guys are too kindlah. the company was great and very spiritual uplifting. I am glad I made new acquaintance. :D

hansac - heh heh selalunya i ada plastic disposables tu tapi dah dihabiskan masa duning hari tu. pastu lover lupa nak beli. grrrr. tapi i nak gak beli plate baru! tapik tak taulah bila.

IbuHaziq said...

flu and feverish...and u still can cook and entertain?? doubt about it...u are a domestic goddess...saya tabik spring...toingg...toinnggg...toinnggg... ;p

ery kumagai said...

happy new year!

klau tak silap rasanya byk kali jgk eksiden you psl kunci eh? hehe
no problem lah, awak tetep goddess jua sentiasa.

kalau ada rezeki kita melawat kawan kita yg kt doha tu, kita nk surprise pi rumah awak can?

butterflutter said...

We can only plan yg lain Allah tentukan.

Org kata rezeki murah kalau pintu rumah kita sentiasa terbuka utk tetamu tau.

Nak lontong semangkuk blehhhh..

Lollies said...

ibu - pasal feverish tu yang dok tidur aje. tak siap awal2 tu. lepas tu hambik ko lagi sakit.

ery - hahahhah. memang banyak. yang tak blog about it pun ada.

awak nak surprise saya? bangun terus kemas rumah sekarang jugak!

BF - indeed. we must brace the situation accordingly. Alhamdullilah I ahve good friends to help.

elisataufik said...

hello, i yang dah datang rumah you 3 kali would attest to the fact that I never notice the mess (not that there's many, rumah I lebih kurang jugerk), only the food, food, glorious food!!
My theory is that if you stuff the guests mouths with food, their eyes will be a little blurr blurr to the other stuff ;)

p/s aik, boleh lak perempuan pegi Fanar? ces, tak aci!
p/p/s you should make copies of the house keys lah.

Lollies said...

elisa - kali ni bukan mess bilik ke apa. the roo,s semua dah nice. tapi the dapur. because I was cooking thenight before sampai pukul 2 and bangun pagi masak lagi and terus keluar ke corniche, i didn't have time to kemas the dapur.lantainya serious tak bersapu and mop. serious bukan sikit2 messy. kalau biasa sikit aje. tapi ini mega lekit.

the ladies yg supposed jadi guest tu satu tolong goreng ayam. satu tolong goreng popiah. I pulak buat kuah kicap. three ladies kat stove!

all of us have keys acctually. But initially when we go out i used the expedition. yazid used the explorer to pick them up. Tapi lepas tu all of the guests nak pergi fanar so yazid took the expedition instead. And I have mmy house keys in the car. And Yazid has his in his pockets. Huwaaaa

eh perempuan memang boleh pergi fanar. tapi hari tu kan you ucuti so tak leh pergi. And fanar is small, you tak leh duduk luar. All are occupied by men, the ladies section kat atas.

I tak pergi sebab takleh bawak budak kecik. As in ramai kena sound sebab anak either berlari or nangis, so i tanaklah kalau jack lari2 ke. leceh lah pulak. But the next time you come you can go. Izani kena tinggallah tapik.

MULAN said...

salam 2009..

u punya caca marba or whatever kekurangan whenever u got guests coming tu, tak terkira lah diberkati Allah taala nya..

zal said...