Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Feeling Blessed

It rained when we passed Riyadh on the way to Makkah. It was wonderful. Subhanallah! The rain cooled us down and made the journey more pleasant and not to mention less drowsy. :P

After we passed the raining zone, we entered the blue sunny sky zone with big spreading clouds. The clouds were so low that i felt I can almost touch it. I felt like sticking my hands out and run my fingers through the puff.

The low spread of cloud cast a big shadow on the ground. And many a time, we drove under the shades of this shadow.

I truly felt blessed.

Driving under the shade saudi

The top picture shows that we can see the shade further up the road. And the bottom one is we driving under it. The cloud are just sample pictures. Not necessarily the exact cloud that was shading us. Sekadar gambar hiasan bak kata lain. :P

mountain under the shade

I am not sure where or when were the above pictures taken. I think it was on our way back, perhaps on the way to Riyadh. Nevertheless, the picture above shows the clouds creating a cooling shadow blanketing the mountain.

However this blue sky shading cloud bliss didn't last forever. About maybe 300km to Makkah (dah dekat sangat dah tu), we left the blue sky with cloud zone and entered the sandstorm zone.

Sand was running on the road and we were literally driving on sand.


But just for the sake of the post title, we shall only focus on the feeling blessed part hokey? tee he he

Now my soalan cepumas, who was the guy who identified the tell tale sign of prophethood on Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. when he was still a young man/ boy following the trading caravan with his uncle to Sham? One of the signs of prophethood was the cloud shading the Messenger s.a.w..


nusayba said...

Bila kita bersangka baik, baik lah yang kita dapat dan nampak. :)

And the answer, the rahib Bahira from Busra. I always remember this because when I first read sirah Rasulullah at 8, I was so happy I found a word in rumi font that resembles my sisters name Bushra. Heheh.

ps. im sure you notice the commenting system on my blog has changed. hope it treats you better than the last one. :)

abi said...

yes. i think it is Buhaira from Busra. :)

Lollies said...

Nusayba - 10 markah untuk anda!!! ya memang betul The monk Bahira from Busra. Busra is a place now in Syria. Kalau nak tengok gambar the place of the possible ancient roman city, look at this forum

Allahu Alim

and saya sudah mencuba sistem commenting yang baru itu dan saya gembira dengan khidmat yang di berikan

abi - yaa ejaan namanya berbeza-beza. Katanya nama romannya ialah georges. Allh knows best

butterflutter said...

Ingat cerita but tak ingat nama *malu. Must do read aloud lah to refresh memory.

mosh said...

i won't be able to answer that one ehehehe.

*must view photos at home*

Lollies said...

BF - tak apa. I also cannot remember many names. Itulah tujuan quiz so we all can remember. :)

mosh - I will ask you again see if you can remember. But i think kalau u quit smoking u will remember. :D kah kah kah

Lana said...

err.. saya pun takleh jawab