Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Three Bald Men II


Three Bald Men
Three Bald Men
See how they shine
See how they shine
Run your fingers through their hair
Run your fingers through their hair
Smooth and rough
Smooth and rough

To the tune of Three blind mice

Jack Jack really envied his father and brother's lack of hair. He didn't shave it you see. He would be playing with them and probably observed us playing with the head. So he was asking me whether he can be bald too.

Errr ok..but why lah? Because it's nice, he said.

I can understandlah. Seeing all the men bald, he might felt a bit left out.

We wanted to shave it in Mekkah but couldn't find the time.

So we did it yesterday! But we didn't shave it licin though rather apa tu orang panggil no 2? No 1? on the ketam rambut machine so his would look like the hair that my lover and haziq have.

I was worried that jack would be sad after seeing the true reality of being bald but Jack came back like a tiny hedgehog ,joyful more than ever.

And then when we are not playing with his head, he'd ask, "Why are you not playing with my hair?"

Or sometimes he would take the initiative himself and rub his hair on my arm. Ayoyoo

Haziq said, "I think he wants to be bald not because he really wants to be bald, but more because he wants the attention."

Whoa! Did Haziq just say that? He sounds almost almost adult. Very Sigmund Freudish.

Anyway, jack Jack is now in the pact of the men.

Sealed by the baldness.


famyGirl said...

hee hee hee cute tiny hedgehog :)

IbuHaziq said...

waaaahhhhh.....three bald men in ur house eh....hehehe...nasib baik la kan sya tk mintak di'bald'kan jugak...if not....pening la you huhuhu ;p

Ummu Layth said...

heee comelnya bila se-geng. tapi tak sebotak Mr Mosh ek. dia nya sampai berkilat ngehehehe

haziq is sounding wiser and wiser!

butterflutter said...

hee..hee...comel. But not all ppl comel berambut begini.

Lollies said...

famy - i am calling him so many things. anak mancis lah. hedgehoglah. little kittenlah. he likes it all. :D

ibuhaziq - she did initially. but when I said girls tak yah bald and that is a blessing by itself...pergh i pun lega dia tak nak.

Ummu layth- they look so funny. Masa lover and haziq mula2 botakkan rambut tu hmmm yalah tak licin kilat. more licin hijau.

BF - he looks smaller without hair. and kalau dia lari macam snoop around aje.

zan said...

pandai haziq bergaya :) tolong rubkan jack's head for me..cakap autie zan suruh..since dia suka sgt..heheh...

Anonymous said...

heheh funnyla jack jack..
patut masa tgk gmbr.. ehhh i was thinking hari tu jumpa tk botak hehe :D

rupa2nya botak kt sini..


mosh said...

sakit ooo nak botak camtu. now with more (and yet much less that i'd like it to be) hair.

haziq nampak kurus eh?

BabyBooned said...

wahh... your sons look so handsome!! seriously!

lollies, this is where i go to class.. you can check it out at http://islamiclearningcentre.com/

the centre is called Darul Ta'lim, located in tmn. tun dr. ismail. they've got many classes there and i hope one day i'll get to go more than once a week. insyaallah ;) they even have class pemahaman al-quran for teenagers and kids on weekends!

Lollies said...

zan - entah apa2lah haziq tu. saya akan gosok2 kepala si hedgehog itu untuk awak. tee he he

little muffin - nak sama macam abang and ayahlah katakan

mosh - i think pun dia kurus. tahun ni dia banyak buat sports i think.

babyboon - waahh i will check it out. tapi nak kena daftarlah pulak. i think i will, alamak nak kena bayaran pulak.

nanti you share share lah ya.

I pray that we will always receive ilmu that will take us to the straight path

elisataufik said...

ahahah Jack is SO cute!

Anonymous said...

eh where's my comment?? alaaaa

shidah said...

kejap je dah tumbuh rambut diorang ni kan???

BabyBooned said...

lollies, takyah bayar and takyah daftar lah. heheheh. its free for all, only derma as ikhlas :) i wish there're proper classes here like the ones u attend. we tried arabic classes at UITM last year and that didnt work out too well. the course lacked serious structure lah.