Saturday, April 25, 2009

Open Air

saudiI usually like to split up with Mrs Fath. Especially after subuh. I would go down nearer to Kaabah and park myself at the ladies' section there.

I would sit there in the open air, waiting for the sun to rise, enjoying the cool breeze and watching the little sparrows flying in the air.

There is something about praying in the open air for me. Or perhaps because I have always liked outdoor. Being in the open makes me reflect and contemplate more.

Over here,in Qtar, it is nothing strange to see people stopping their car to pray by the roadside when the adzan calls in. You would wonder that there are masjids nearly everywhere but many rather pray wherever they are. There and then. Indeed the whole earth is our masjid.

I am tremendously moved by this act. I can see how people instill the importance of praying as early as they can. I am ashamed of myself.

In the open, you can really appreciate the wide world in front of you. The world is so vast and you are minuscule. And in the wide open space, there you are putting your forehead on the ground for the sake of The Creator. There is something about prostrating and glorifying Allah out there in the nature.

You look up, there is the sky. You look front there is the world in its full spread. In the noon, the heat hits you. In the night, the darkness envelops you. Subhanallah! There is no other might or power except with Allah!

It makes me reflect this ayah Suratul Shams 91:1-6

By the sun and its brightness; (1)
By the moon as it follows it (the sun); (2)
By the day as it shows up (the sun's) brightness; (3)
By the night as it conceals it (the sun); (4)
By the heaven and Him Who built it; (5)
By the earth and Him Who spread it, (6)

praying 2general

Only the most top is my picture. :P

And I miss that. Waiting for the sun to rise sitting in front of Kaabah.


elisataufik said...

I pun suka solat open air, especially if you're in the middle of the desert. Rasa macam you're really at His Mercy.

And in Makkah, I really like it that bila azan, semua orang berpusu-pusu masuk masjidil haram to pray, sampai kat luar2.
Masya-Allah.. masa kat situ, memang motivated sangat nak sembahyang on time, and berjemaah lak tu.
Sayang sangat bila dah balik rumah, makin lama makin slack... :P

zan said...

alamak..saya pun sembahyang tak on time :P, dzuhur kul 3:30 :( thanks for the reminder lollies.

Lollies said...

elisa - precisely.

Same here. The semangat in Makkah is tremendous.

zan - it's a reminder for myself actually.

أم الليث said...

during the course the sheikh used these photos jugak to illustrate the importance of prayer. sedangkan orang yang bogel pun diwajibkan solat dlm keadaan bogel kalau waktu solat nak habis (and sah solatnya), bayangkan kita yg dah sempurna syarat2 solat duk lengah2kan..erkk!! (especially kat overseas nih..kenkadang susah nak cari tempat - tp takleh jadi alasan!)

mosh said...

i definitely need this reminder, being a perpetual procrastinator.

Lollies said...

aliya - how do you pray masa you keluar kat sana?

You know what, it is easy to say for me (or any person who live in a country yg senang nak practice) to say, boleh sembahyang di mana-mana. But living in other countries may not be easy at all.

So i lagilah tak ada alasan. Kat shopping mall kat sini, the surau is nearly every floor. In factnya memang every floor at every wing. Too easy.

siap ada surau besar bulan puasa boleh tarawikh lepas tu shopping. Tp so far I tak buat lagi sebab ngantuk seh selalunya.

mosh - i tulis sendiri tapi terkena batang hidung sendiri. sebab tujuan asal nak tulis pasa sembahyang open air. :P