Thursday, March 25, 2010

About Teaching

I am enjoying teaching the children (at the weekend school) now, Alhamdulillah. But the challenges are getting bigger. I should have known that to teach just one said subject, requires the knowledge of so many other things to come in.

So it's either you just focus on the notes and read the notes in your hand, or get the students to read one by one, preferably in random, and stopping them at random words and ask the next-not-paying-attention student to read it. This is way easier and safer.

OR you can ramble on from the knowledge you think you have. Sporadically asking them question. Listening to their answers and opinion in their own words to determine their understanding.

I have a tendency to do the latter. Firstly because I don't like the you-read-and-next-you-read style. Secondly maybe because I just err like to talk and tell stories. Thirdly by listening to their answers in their own words I can gauge what level they are in and sort of give me ideas what to concentrate next.

When covering the manners of eating may get me off tangent to the stories of shaytan are our no 1 enemy. It even made me tell the stories of how Shaytan asked Allah permission to come to the people from the front, behind, left and right. From eating to the story of shaytan? I do ramble alot..

But with the more you say, the more questions they have.

They ask question that you wouldn't think anyone would ask. You wouldn't think anyone would ask because you never thought about it yourself. It may caught you offguard. Some you may be able to answer.

Like why you should not poo or pee under the shade of a tree when you are at the outdoors?
Why you should not pee in holes outdoor?
What is a well?
Is that boy your son?

Some you find it harder.

The other day a boy asked me why we only say sallalahhu alaihi wasalam when the mention of Prophet Muhammad and not subhana wa taala when we mention Allah. Err I don't know exactly. I was telling them to say sallalahhu alaihi wasalam, all these while. In the end I don't even really know why we have to do it.

Telan air liur, tebalkan muka and tell them you say it as a respect. But taht's not really answering the question. I will have to check ya. I will come back and tell you later. Went home and made research. That was challenging.

But Alhamdulillah, I have found out and are currently in the midst of telling them. Just giving that lesson sets me off tangent merata-rata sampai cerita Taif where Prophet Muhammad sallalahhu alaihi wasalam was thrown stone at, cerita wife Abu Lahab tabur thorns on the path way of Prophet Muhammad sallalahhu alaihi wasalam, the story of Abu Jahl putting the intestines of camels on Prophet Muhammad sallalahhu alaihi wasalam when he prayed.

In many sense, to teach is actually to learn yourselves. I have only been teaching them a few classes and I feel really the knowledge is too little, sometimes I feel I am not apt to teach.

I was teaching the younger ones to do things starting with the right side. Wear your clothes on the right first. Wear your shoes on the right first. then i realised I myself put things sometimes on the left. *Alamak!*

This is terribly worrying. On a positive note, perhaps it is a good check for myself.

For the teen groups I am facilitating, I had to refuse a few talks. The other facilitators are way stricter than I am. Many things I do not dare to tell the girls yet because I am far from doing them. :(

I am worried.

I worry for dispensing wrong ilm.

I worry mostly that I would be questioned in the yaumul akhirah, the day that no one can help you, the day that you have to answer for yourself. I would be asked why am I telling people to do things while I myself don't do them.

I am scared.

I ask Allah for wisdom and beneficial ilmu and guidance in my act.


Sheherazade said...

InsyAllah K.lollies..Amin

Anonymous said...

ko nak jadi cikgu koleq? HM maybe

butterflutter said...

I feel u lollies. Hugss...

U baru start, insyallah dah lama skit u wl be ok. Your lessons plan will be more complete and it wl be easier.I would love to do that. U dah ada opportunity so teruskan.

All the best!

Mc Ani said...

That is exactly how I feel - that teaching them is actually teaching ourselves..

of course risau memang ada, but stay positive because by feeling that way, we sort of "force" ourselves to learn more and more and that is indeed not wasted right?

May Allah guide us all!

أم الليث said...

at least that is the right attitude to have - fear. rather than tak kisah langsung about the accuracy of what you are teaching them.

accurately answering a question is one of the most elusive skills today. maybe sign of qiyamah where ignorant people talk too much. people nowadays prefer to go around explaining in circles to evade giving the answer to the question for fear of sounding ignorant. bukan saje bidang agama..even in medicine.

"did you do the xray?"
"err well i tried to do the xray but the xray was closed and the printer was not working yada yada yada" (when the answer should've just been No.)

a student/teacher of knowledge should be humble by answering Allahu a'lam when he/she does not know. "Allahu a'lam and I will answer your question later". it's easy to give our own opinion on some matters just to have an answer for someone.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Aliya. I think being truthful and straightforward with the children is very important. You should consider telling them that you are also learning and you need to remind each other -(ie kalau ikut khalifah method it's khalifah responsibility #2: to help others be good). And at the end of the class ask them to doa kan or doalah sama2 that you'll also be able to practice what you teach. InsyaAllah.
May Allah bless and ease your efforts.

Lollies said...

Subhanallah. Moments when I am feeling down and thinking of quitting blogging, Allah brings me wonderful people who can advise me accordingly. I am in need of these. Things sometimes you know but when said by people who care for each other for the sake of Allah, Insya Allah reaches your heart. May Allah reward all my friends.

Lollies said...

ruby - thanks for the cote of confidence

screw - aku rasa kalau aku jadi cikgu koleq aku akan menghadapi masalah lain. all the time aku kena lower the gaze. :P

OO - sungguh concious dengan kelakuan sekarang ni. tapi masih rasa sungguh kerdil. insya Allah, keeping positive.

Lollies said...

Did anyone listen to the youtube. the first talk was most apt for me now, before brother nouman khan's talk.

aliya - jazakillahhu khair. Hugs sesangat. I am, this week, in a state of fear and doubts and worry (But Alhamdulillah boleh tidur malam. he he) You can probably tell from the posts. Itu pun I had to stop myself from writing too much how I feel.

i am reminding myself again and again and again. This is tremendous experience for me. Please help me by reminding me again and again.

I want good and I fear bad ending for me.

anon - Masya Allah, I can sense you know a bit of teaching. Jazakalahh for the nasihah. You gave me an idea of a topic I can give to the children (and to myself). If you ideeas and methods and tips, I really would love to read them.

elisataufik said...

Ihsan asked me the same question,
what is the meaning of "salallahu 'alaihi wassalam" and "Subhanawa ta'ala". I promised him I'd look it up, tapi tak cari2 pun lagi (asyik lagha buat benda lain *shame*).
Share your findings! :)

masdiana said...

I hear you Lolls... I hear you... May Allah grant us the tawfeeq + hidayah to do all that we can to get His Mercy for a good ending + the ultimate goal - Jannah insyaAllah. Teaching the kids is 1 of the way insyaAllah - may Allah guide us always.