Friday, March 12, 2010

No more a baby

These past few weeks must have been the-week-that-eveything-goes-wrong for Haziq.

He lost his school sweater which lover was most irked. It can still be worn and it is not cheap. CARELESSNYA! Potpetpotpetpotpet

He lost his tumbler for the umpteenth time. Either he breaks it, I don't know how he manage to break it, not one but three tumblers, or he lost the tumblers altogether. Lover said don't buy him anymore. But I bought him one anyway. Along with a Potpetpotpetpotpet.

The other day, I asked Haziq to become our imam. Haziq was very worried though. hahahah. I think I have been hard on him and are always criticising something. Fatihah tak betullah. Too fastlah. I can't hear youlah. This time, he was trying to recite a surah he was memorising, but he forgot half way. And err no one can help him. (I haven't memorised the surah yet). Finishing the solah, his face got really red and he looks like he was going to cry. I felt sorry for him but told him not to worry too much. You are still learning. He said he is very embarrassed. I decided no potpet because he looked sad already.

He had maths exam last week. he said he couldn't finish it. he didn't do the last two pages because he said he had no time. I was a bit angry and told him that 2 PAGES??? is equivalent to perhaps 20 marks. Only and only if you get all right for the ones you answered, then you can get 80. Then he said to me, don't say like that Ibu, you are making me feel bad.

Hmm, he never said that.

You know what, I am seeing changes in haziq actually. If before whenever he gets a scolding he would look sorry for the wrongs he did. Now he look half way sorry and half way angry.

I am not sure if I can finger point this, but I know he is not a baby anymore.

And I need to learn to handle an emerging teen boy.

Maybe less potpet as a start.


OO said...

I am dealing with a pre-teen Kakak dah masuk pre-teen since last year! I guess gilrs mature faster than boys!!

Aduhhhh....disebalik kata nak less potpetpotpet tu..tapi buat jugak! tak boleh tahaaaan....we said A, she said B!! most of the time, it was a pulling-hair situation...petua buat but perhaps tak we are in the middle of mellow-ing ourselves and trying different techniques..kena doa banyak-banyak...for a start, kami pi beli air zam-zam.

masdiana said...

InsyaAllah you'll do fine.

*cringes thinking about my own time when it comes*

Peri PiA said...

stage mencabar k.lollies

zan said...

ouchhh!! do u think u hv been really hard on him?

my sister n brother who have kids similar age like yours do the same...pagi sampai ptg, wan & atuk pot pet, petang sampai malam, their parents potpet..seriouly i'm as their makcik, felt so helpless, kesian pun ada..they are good boy and girls..boleh tukar technique tak?

i'm learning from what i see and cringe too thinking my days will come..ayoyo..

BabyBooned said...

pre-teens are so hard. i dont have one of my own but i'm pretty close to two pre-teens coz i see them everyday. my nephew shazwan (err.. he's already a teen now) and 11 yr-old niece sarah. i swear some of the stuff they say macam can give me heart attack. recently shazwan told me that he needs a girlfriend asap coz all his friends have ex-girlfriends and he doesnt have one. and i asked him; you want a gf coz u want an ex-gf...?? he told me to stop nagging and not to tell his mom pulak tu coz or else he wont tell me anything anymore. when i asked him how come he doesnt wanna tell his mom certain stuff, he said it's coz she nags too much. hooboyy.
then how else is a mom suppose to try to instill the right values in her teen man??

i think ure on the right track with less potpetpotpet.

Lollies said...

OO - doa is the key. for me to be patient and granted wisdom. For them to fear Allah.

diana - another episode of life kan ni?

ruby - may I take the challenge with wisdom

zan - adooiii. actually mmg tak tahan masa teenage dulu kena bebel. But something did get through this skull.

bab boon - in the last teenage session we had, we reminded the girls, that in yaumul akhirah, we will throw our mothers and fathers our children our friends our BFF. We will say to Allah, the reason I didnt do this is bcos my mum didnt tell me. my dad never say anything we will finger point to save our skin. this is hellfire we are talking about.

I cried and cried thinking of this. I pray the teens will understand.

Tapi yalah pot pet is still membosankan. maybe discuss better. Sigh kena cuba try ni