Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Jack on two wheels

Jack has finally able to ride on two wheels. yayy!! On first attempt pulak tu! yayyy!

The only not so yayy thing, I didn't get to witness it. Booo! And no one took pictures. Booo! Well how could they when the camera is always with me. Booo! Eh lover kan ada phone camera. Bleargh!

Anyway, I just realised (actually tak adalah just realise lama dah realise cuma baru terasa), with the voluntary work I am doing, it comes with meetings. And it is usually on weekends. And the activities I do are also on weekends.

Oh well, May Allah shower blessing on these time.

Lover, when I told him I have something in the morning of Friday (Friday is weekend) and also in the evening, was beginning to sulk. And he was planning to sleep away. But i forced him to take the kids out. I also said Zachary need his father to teach him ride the bike. Finally he agreed.

Pastu bangga tak kasi can. Belahlah. :P Pastu rub rub salt on wound lagi kasi orang guilty. I don't want to friend him.

Annyway the children began comparing age of who was the fastest to master the two-wheel bike. Haziq rode at four, jack at five and Sya at six. And then they started squabbling.

I should tell them I only start riding bike at 9 or was it 10. Because we didn't have a bike back then. And even that bike, my dad kutipped it from someone's trash and then he modified it. But after I somewhat mastered it, I tried my dad's basikal tua. It had a palang. I was short and the bike was high for me. So kalau silap langkah, masa brake tak turun cepat-cepat and terlanggar palang tu...adddooiii! *Pengsan* And sometimes, out of riding it so fast, and losing control, I managed to make myself run into hoardings of rusty zinc. Adoi!

And then we bought the mini bicycle. Basikal perempuan tu. And rode the bike dengan sifat keperempuanan. Cycle pun terkepit aje. :P

Come to think of, I cycled everywhere after that. Even on quiet lorongs. Once in a while we had a scare of the notorious pakcik taik. His job is to collect taik from the houses which uses jamban angkut. And the trail of his beca transport can be smelt from far.

And when I was a teenage, we use to cycle bergather-gather on big roads. *Gila ke apa?* Occasionally ada brader2 mengurat and ikut us. But this cause me trouble because my father found out. :P

And my children? Well they got only to cycle certain time of the year because it is so hot here. And I am so lazy to lugged the bicycles into the car and take them to the park.

Is it still safe to cycle in Msia for the kids?


Zaitul said...

naaahhh...its not as safe as it used to be in my opinion. unless u take them cycling at the park kot...and watch them. sigh. i dulu pun ke sana sini naik basikal, g sekolah gelap2 pg buta pun tk takut menda pun.on the road, jgn citer ler...mmg tk safe. haaaiihhh...ok i dh start membebel hehehe...better stop ;p

Anonymous said...

Both of my kids can't ride on 2 wheel yet. Booo! Takut sangat la diorg tuh.

Safety? I don't even allow them to go to the nearby playground without Tini. Teruk tak?

I remember basikal palang! I was too small so separuh badan masuk bawah palang. Senget-sengat nak balance kan basikal.

butterflutter said...

I do let afiq cycle to the shop very near our hse to buy roti or other stuffs but I'll be waiting at the gate. As for other times, they wl be with their ayah. Afiq cycle as far as the PH elite toll booth and sarah as far as the PH commercial centre. PH is quiet during sunday early morning aro 7am.

zan said...

4,5,6 kira terrer la tu..nael baru jer tahu but i still give him credit sebab 1 yr plus tak naik basikal.

and same here, i dok pester hubby to take out the bike and let the kids cycle, kalau tak asyik nak membuta aje..

ehh kita dulu pun naik basikal palang, siap lepas2 tangan lagi :)

Lollies said...

zaitul - tu yang sedih tu. Well the price of kemajuan I suppose.

rotidua - i don't blame you at all. Sekarang ni, kalau kasi budak main tak berteman people will look at you one kind only. And not because of that, sigh, too many monsters put there.

BF - waahhh sungguh adventorous. :)

zan - hahahahah! our men love to sleep.

teringat zaman kekanak dulu. tapi basikal mini i tak boleh lepas tangan sebab allignment lari. I remembered i use to navigate the handle as if nak turn left but sebenarnya I was going straight. sebab tayar and handle tak align.

masdiana said...

malu nak ckp yg I tak pandai naik beskal. *blushes* nor swim. *blushes some more* but alhamdulIllah my kids are learning them - the 2 (most obvious, amongst many, many more! :-D) life skills yg I takde.

Cherry said...

safe to cycle ? depending on the neighbourhood.

MULAN said...

kudos to jack jack...!! takpe ibu, amik je gambar jack naik sikal tu.. though takde slot "before & after"..

أم الليث said...

well done jack! it's not easy! falling down and scraping knees it is.

your entry brings nice nostalgia to me :D

i don't remember ever having a new bike either. they were all second hand bought either from car boot sale or hand me down from my mom and uncles (yes! i'm amazed barang2 zmn 60-an ni tahan lama betul!)

i always used to think everyone knew how to ride bicycles..like it was a universal skill. that's why i terkejut jugak when i found out some of my pals can't ride bikes..huhu rugi...hihihi. well not everyone can have the opportunity.