Saturday, March 06, 2010

Jack's Favourite Food

Can you guess the food Jack drew and claimed to be his favourite?



Peri PiA said...

hee :),jack suke mkn sayur juge great

no.10 is chilli?

aym goreng :D

Hansac said...

8 broccoli
11 banana
9 carrot
2 tomato?
4 ?
1 ais kilim?
3 tadpole?
5 bread
7 mutant red spinach?
10 chilli?

Anonymous said...

mixed veges and nuggets

Lollies said...

ruby - ya betul!

hansac - wow! I am surprised no 2 and 11 correct. terer betul!

screw - tak ada nugget pun. :P

Lollies said...

wokei drum roll for the answers

dari no last

11 - banana
10 - chilly (biar betul budak ni?)
9 - carrot
8 - brocoli (he really likes them)
7 - eaten red apple (it's so nice so he eats first before drawing it. hahahha)
6 - fish
5 - bread and butter
4 - pear
3 - chicken (tak semestinya goreng)
2 - tomato
1 - rice (hahahahahhaha! i tak tahan ketawa yang ni. he is trying to draw the grains. and zachary memang suka makan nasi.

Anonymous said...

that was rice? i thought lobster.

Dah terpikir woah Che Lolls terer masak lobster la ni.

Nusayba said...

I also thought the rice was lobster..huhu. Lobster warna putih.

The appple! Comel sungguh la.