Sunday, November 14, 2010


I told haziq to pick up a rubbish that is so obvious and can be seem glaringly near the table. He picked up Sya and said, "she is too heavy!"

Anyway Haziq, my eldest, managed to sprain his arm muscle so bad that he needs a sling now. He was trying to climb a wall. This is the house wall that divides one house to his neighbour. Or what most of us would call a fence.

The fence in most Arab houses are very high and are usually wall like. It is usually very high. I suppose this is to make it easier for the women to go out and water the plant or clean the halaman without the need to cover her head. I am kinda enjoying this. It is probably also to reduce the sand that goes in the house. But i would probably be worried to have this fortress wall in Malaysia because of the possibility of crime. The house would be somewhat isolated.

Anyway, haziq climbed it because he is very clever. I think also he wants to peak at the neighbour's house because they have a pool. We so need to address this in our halaqah.

Anyway when Haziq was somewhere three to four years old, he definitely was no stranger to our nearby hospital: emergency department. So much so, the doctor had to interview us to make sure we are not abusing our child.

The first one when he was three. Lover was piggy-back him. he miscalculated Haziq's position such that when Haziq comes off him he fell and hit his head at the besi part of our beloved teak coffee table (it is no more beloved now) and the besi hit him at the most delicate part of his back of the head. And there was just so much blood. Non stop coming out. Serious panic!

Sometime later, he was running around our dining table and miscalculated himself and managed to hit himself on the corner of our dining chair. It sliced his eyebrow and nearly hit his eye. There is still a scar on the brow now. My advise is don't get the besi dining set. Wood is better. Or plastic? :P

One time he was playing outside and perhaps out of protest he pushed our house gate. Because he pushed it so hard, the gate bounced back and the ear of the gate, where you put your padlock, which was at the same height as Haziq's ears then, hit Haziq at guess where? The ears. Blood was trickling out from his ears.

Another time he was playing this funny looking three wheeled car. The one that you need to wriggle the steering to move about. But because he was and still is very clever, instead of looking forward to drive, he decided that he wants to face backward and paddle his way. The thing about this three wheeled car is tht, it has a heavy bottom. So when he sat the wrong way, it made the bottom heavier and the car lost its balance and lopsided. It lopsided with haziq falling face down, two front teeth first. More blood and two front teeth were loose.

I can't remember other smaller things but I do not wish for more.

In all cases, Allah has saved him and protected his head and brain, his eyes and sight, his ears and hearing and his teeth. The teeth did come out later like normal children though. Alhamdulilllah.

Ibu punya jantung manyak kali mau jatuh woo.

May Allah protect all of us Ya Rabb.


أم الليث said...

terlampau bijak kahkah
banyak jugak injury collection dia ye
skrg boleh tengok balik and gelak aje la
time tu mesti panic, risau, marah, geram

Anonymous said...

Haziq sudah grow kumis ah? aaawww.

How many near misses have we read so far? yang dekat mata especially. Ariz pernah, Naim pun baru ni kena hempap gate. ish ish sayang betul Allah kat kita kan.

zan said...

ouchh!! haziq, u r just too adventurous laa..kesian Ibu banyak panic...

ada dia kena bebel tak?? heheh..

Lollies said...

aliya - tulah sekarang boleh aje cerita dekat dia and semua ketawa. tapi waktu tu serious panic especially yg darah kat belakang kepala.

rotidua - entah soma org kata. aku tengok macam tak ada pun. extra more hair i suppose. naim kena hempap gate? Inalillahhi wa inna ilaihi rojiun. macamana boleh jadi tu?

zan - masa kena tu taklah bebel sangat tapi balik hospital tension gila sebab lama betul nak jumpa doctor. naik sakit hati. so bebellah apa lagi

Anonymous said...

adam berjahit just above his eyes, twice. masa around 2 and 3 year old heheh..

nature's own way to do tuning on kids.
that's how i like to see it.