Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Bye-bye Mama Ina

Today is a sad day for me.

Today is a sad day for Mama Ina.

It is the last day for Zachary and in a way Batrisyia too.

So by default, it is a sad day for both Zachary and Batrisyia too.

Mama Ina took care of Batrisyia since she was only two months old, sometime back in 2001. She had been a good other mom for both of my children. And Batrisyia loves Mama Ina very much despite she was always arguing with her. But that's just Batrisyia.

She took care of both my children , and Haziq too sometimes, like as if they were her own children. Sometimes I think she is far more concern of their welfare more than I am.

Mama Ina is a great cook. Since Batrisyia stayed with her, she loves food more than Haziq does, and she definitely took spicy food better than Haziq. Thanks to Mama Ina’s masak lemak cili api (spicy coconut gravy with chillies). Even I have the opportunity to doggy-bag her food. And her porridge for Zachary is far far tastier than my bland porridge.

Mama Ina is a child minder that you can always count on. I have a peace of mine when my children are with her. Even when they have fever, for she knows when is the right time to alert me.

My children have the best of treatment from her. During sleeping time, Mama Ina would lie next to them and pat them to sleep, which she, in the process, slumbers too. Ahhh..the excuses of taking care of children.

But, with my change of routine, we all have to say goodbye to Mama Ina.

I hugged her goodbye. She kissed Zachary many times, crying.

I am bad at good-byes. Sometimes I don’t know how to let emotions go. Sometimes I don’t want to worsen the situation. I didn’t want to cry.

But I did.

Before I left, I asked whether I could still count on her just in case. She gladly said, in between her tears, anytime, Lollies, anytime.

My children's happy times with Mama Ina. The baby on the most right is baby Eizlan. He is Zachary's friend.


CikNi said...

waduh sedihnya.
mmg begitulah lollies, masa kat ipoh dulu, org tanya kat babysitter sambil tunjuk kat anak dia sendiri "ini anak you ngasuh ke?" (maksudnya org tu ingat anak cik tu anak babysitter dan anak babysitter tu anak yang dia asuh)
anak cik yg drjh 2 tu dia dah berpindah randah dalam 4 babysitter dan 4 taska dan 7 rumah.

atiza said...

sedih ek..

masa aku antar fadhli & helmi g babysitter dedulu..takde pun dia syahdu2..anak2 aku gembira, adalah!

shidah said...

memang sedih - the least, u know who u can turn to in case of emergency.... and keep in touch with her - your kids will appreciate it....

Lollies said...

I am still sad this dah ok sikit

definitely will keep in touch.

wan said...

hope everythin goes fine for u n the kids.. one thing.. u n the kids wud surely miss mama ina.. the other thingy is ur kids is growin up at a very fast rate.. now schooling already.. after this.. blink2 dah nak kawin.. make sure u catch it all sis.. take care..

Lollies said...

that's why I blog take care too

Captain Barbell said...

sedih giler...dont worry be happy :)

the saying goes

ahbib man ahbabta, fa innaka mufariquh

kasihilah sesiapa saja yang inin kau kasihi, kelak kau akan berpisah dengannya

Lollies said...

Thanks Paul...I need that.

Anonymous said...

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