Sunday, April 17, 2005

Cheeky Haziq

We went to a friends' birthday party, and Haziq got himself loads of balloons. Multi coloured unblown balloons.

That night, after dinner, I saw Haziq busy at the kitchens sink. I am a mother, I know he was up to something. When I used the word something, it's usually something naughty. But I let him do whatever he was doing because sometime I am a mad mother. And also sometime I teach them madness.

Then he came to me. His face is, plastered, cheeky. He had bunch of balloons in his hands. The balloons are filled with water.

Weapon of Mass Destruction

Then he spelt out his plans, which clearly was well thought off. The only thing left was execution.


Tommorrow, I will creep up behind my friend.

I will slowly put these, lifting the balloons for me to see, in my friend's shirt.

I will then poke them.

The water will come out slowly.

But I will run as fast as I can.

They will know it's you and will be angry

They won't know it's me because I will be long gone.

*Grinning.* I have invented a bomb.


The balloon deflated anyway. (Thank God). He will have to go back to the drawing board.


Before going to bed, I found a small balloon, filled with little water, in Zachary's shirt.

It was not poked yet.

Zachary was hooked with a time bomb.


SC said...

nyeh nyeh nyeh a mad mom like me wud quietly take the balloon off zack n surprise the cheeky culprit instead.

wan said...

who sed mom can't be a bomber. but maybe not a terroriso. ;P

Lollies said...

Yeah..Haziq lak dah tidur when we foud the balloon clipped kat collar belakan adik dia. Kalo tak bolehlah water fight.

atiza said...

ish..ish..ibu pon join gak..

lollies said...

Ibu dia sewel.

shidah said...

me - the mother can be a time bomb too....

atenah said...

shidah shidah, hang ni mana2 pun buat aku gelak

lollies said...

ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

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