Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Kuantan, TONIGHT!!!

I am going to Kuantan people.
I am taking my whole family people.
If I were to have a cat, I'll bring it along too people.
I am teaching all my kids madness people.
It's not school holiday people.
Okay, okay say anything you want people.
I'm not the best mummy in the world people.
But I think, they think I am.
Will be back on Friday night, people.
Please do miss me people.
For I will miss you.

Damn last minute meeting? Last minute site visit plans.
Oh dear! Ohe dear! It's raining cats and dogs out there.

They cancelled the meeting again. Crazy people. I am still going to Kuantan tommorrow. Only a day trip though. So no school skipping for the kids. he he


wan said...


Makan angin Teluk chempedak..
Tanjung Lumpur makan seafood..
Cherating pun best..
Nak supper pegi Kopitiam.. depan Megamall..
Taman Gelora pegi makan rojak..
bla bla bla pot pet..

lollies said...

alaaa pakcik saya meeting, meeting, meeting. ayooo where got time to go mah

atenah said...

errrr camna nak potong2 tu hah?

atiza said...

Aku baru balik dari day trip to penang. penat gilos.....sampai rumah kul 11 pm

lollies said...

gilos gilos

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Anonymous said...

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