Thursday, May 05, 2005


Things happen when you are rushing for a dateline.

I have back pain. It started last night and worsen this morning.

Okay before you smirk and gave suggestive guesses on what I did last night since it's my lover's birthday, I will just errrrr errr grin back. That's what I'll do. I am grinning in pain.

Cough! Cough! DAMN THE PAIN!

Sneeze! Sneeze! OUCH! OUCH!

Make a joke. Laugh! Laugh! AHHHHHH HELP ME MAMA!!

So I went to see the doctors. She gave me a voltaren shot. The pain is still there maybe it has reduced. But I feel a bit dizzy. I was given an MC but worried about driving at the moment.

Talk about driving. Today I drive ever so carefully. Turning the wheel throbs my back further.

I can't carry my Zachary and that hurt me most. It hurts me to not being able to carry him. If you must know I am a possessive mother. The heartache is worst than the backache.

Wait! I did carry him this morning and I was wincing all the way. So reality check. The back pain is worst!!

Oh! Go away pain..please. I want my baby back.


Anonymous said...

make sure tido pandang atas.. bantal tinggi skit.. and another bantal letak bawah kaki (bawah lutut).. maintain tido camtu sampai ok.

drive make sure seat dgn stereng tak jauh sangat.. ngam² utk kaki bend je and selesa..

then jangan duduk terlalu menyandar or bongkok kedepan.. kat ofis or home.. duduk tegak.. adjust posisi kerusi jika perlu.. and gulung towel or small pillow as support blakang masa duduk..

lastly.. berenti angkat apa2 pun hingga ok.

just my 2 cents.

atiza said...

if you need to stop carrying zachary for a while, then do. karang prolonged sakit, lagi susah..

anyway bila nak makan2 lagi? Y kata okay. Esok aku tak free. Next week?

Anonymous said...

wan - I need the advice. I gave some people your advice too.

Atiza - jom next week. aku ok gak tu

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