Friday, May 06, 2005

A Mother and Her Ibu

It is mother's day today, here in Malaysia. The local radio, that I listen to every morning on my way to work had mothers as their theme this week.

So it's all about mother-in-law on one day, about mothers remarrying on another. Yesterday it was dedication day for mothers. There were many callers.

Some are sad calls. Some wanted to say how they miss their mum and wished that their mum are still with them. How they wish they can still hug their mum and chat with her and do things that mum and their kids do.

Then I thought, how easy it is for one to cry when they talk about their mother. These callers are talking to the dee jays on public radio, a complete stranger, about how they miss their mum, or their mum is not well or their mum had passed away, or that they have done something wrong with their mum..and they cried. They were alright initially, then as they spoke of their mum...their words became hazy, you know that they are crying.

Mothers are really special. And I am glad I am one and I have one.

I love you ibu.

A picture of my beloved mum at 23 years old. She is now 58. She has diabetics. Otherwise she is healthy mum and sometimes an overzealous granny.


Captain Barbell said...

pandai u buat muka u nampak macam muka mak u.
u pakai photoshop eh?

wan said...

happy mothers day to u sis and ur mum too!

atenah said...

yr mom cun le so i suppose are you too

lollies said...

paul - Tak, I pakai photocopy

wan - thanks.

atenah - kalau muka I ada sephia effect tu sama macam muka I. Sadly the beauty stops at her.

shidah said...

lawa mak u, i think u pun ada iras your mom sikit la.... :)

hana_kirana said...

cun nyer ur mom... mak i pun cun, sebab tu i pun cun... kahkahkah (perasan tahap mak nenek cipan). your blog yang ni 1st time i singgah, yang satu lagi tu selalu singgah tapi tak reti nak letak comment camner. so, lenkali i singgah yang ni je lah ek?

atiza said...

happy mom's day to you..

lollies said...

shidah - ah? ya ke?

HK - selamat datang. selamat datang. I tengok gambo you. you memang cun...:-)

atiza- happy mummy's day to you too

CikNi said...

happy mother's day to u lollies, and ur mum and everybody's mum and so on so on

lollies said...

let's celebrate and let loose

Anonymous said...

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