Sunday, May 22, 2005


It's so early in the morning now. I am suppose to be finishing my work. Everyone is asleep. I can even hear my lover's light snoring.

Then I heard the dogs wolfing. I never did like those sound. They just won't stop. And exactly at that time my computer began to show up. CTRL+ALT+Del will show you details on the programmes not responding.





While at that, since the computer is too slow ending up a task, I went to wake my lover.

Yang, I heard noises outside. It goes HU HU HU!!

Are you working or are you blogging?

That has got nothing to do with those sounds. (I whimpered) Why don't you come outside. I am scared.

Jeez, I told you to finish up early.

Then he continued sleeping. hero.

Anyway I went out to finish up the damn minutes.

Then I heard those sounds again. If you must know, I am sitting next to a window. It's pitch dark out there. It's the forest behind my house and I mean real forest. My house borders the Ayer Hitam Forest Reserve. And when you are sitting alone at 12:57 a.m., and all you can see outside is just nothingness, and when you can hear (or hearing) an intense sound of whoossshhinggg, like just outside the window, wouldn't you freak out?

So I ran to the room and gasped at my lover...I AM SCARED!! There is this whoossing sound again. DUB DAB DUB DAB - that's my heartbeat sound now.. I have to remind you this, because I was confused which is which.

Anyway here I am, typing blogging away while my lover lying on the floor, sleeping and snoring even.

I think I want to go to sleep now. Now the big question is...

Should I leave my lover there and tip-toed slowly into the cosy bed. It's quite rude to wake him up, not the third time.


wan said...

hehehe. i find it amusing reading this one. hehehe. HU - Hu - HU. spooky!

atiza said...

angin jer tu

lollies said...

gigil...aku kalo sorang-sorang...very imaginative

hana_kirana said...

orang kata, kalau ada bunyi anjing menyalak yang bersahut-sahut gitu tu, hannn.........2....!

lollies said...

hantu!!!! takutttt!!!

CikNi said...

nak kena jawab ke soklan mu itu? dah terlambet kot..
ala relax la lollies, semua orang pun han2 kat dunia ni

lollies said...

he he aku kejut dia. kesian dia tido kat situ. comel aje nampak.

AuntyN said...

Lain kali baca ayat kursi lah, tak de sapa nak hinggap tu

lollies said...

betoi tu aunty N...takut punya pasal..lupa terus. he he