Thursday, October 13, 2005

Pantai Puteri, Melaka.

Last weekend aku balik kampung mertua kat Melaka. Ritual biasa balik kampung is aku akan borong ikan, udang and stuff kat tepi pantai Puteri. Dulu pantai ni dia orang panggil Pantai Kundur. I don't know why they change the name.

So dah pi beli ikan, angkutlah bebudak sekali dengan anak saudara aku semua main-main tepi pantai tu. Kat sini tak boleh mandi pun. Air dia tak bersih sangat. Main-main tepi pantai ajele. Lari-lari macam cerita hindustan. Cuba tengok Batrisyia kat gambar Row 1, Column 5 (1,5). Pastu boleh lari celah-celah pokok ru (3,4).

Kat sini gak ada fishering activities. The second row picture gambar-gambar aktiviti nelayan. Gambar bulat tu (2,3) itu gambar net dia and the next picture is gambar jala yang dah dibungkus. The two guys tengah kemaskan jala dia orang (2,5) and they were talking. There were other fishermen there who were looking at me. I think being the only female there with a camera must look err I don't think so? Appetizing? Err I hope not.

Kat pantai puteri ni jugak, masa bulan Ramadhan ada Bazaar Ramadhan. The picture was taken on Sunday where coincidentally ada pasar malam. (3,1) so sesak sikitlah.

If you drive down South sikit dari pantai tu, ada tempat tu panggil Tg. Kling. Kat situ ada Power Station which does not belong to TNB anymore It can generate about 300MW of power. The Combined Cycle 3x110MW power station serves power to the main city of Melaka and the Northern part of Johore.

Anyway I thought teluk kecil yang ada power station tu quite nice (3,2). Can you see the power station's chimney? Kat situ jugak ada jeti kecil. When we were there, they were moving some vessels onto a barge. (3,3). Those vessels are manufactured in Malacca and will be exported to Qatar. Aku cakap kat lover aku, hah sangkut ajele kat vessel ni, terus sampai Qatar. The barge will be towed to Port Klang and then the vessels will be shipped to Qatar.

From Pantai Puteri tu you can see an impressive long protruding jetty (3,5). That one is for the PETRONAS's refinery. My lover help build part of the jetty. He was in charge of this thing called intake basin and something else on the jetty itself. Whateverlah...

Then aku bawak Jack2 jalan-jalan kat pantai tu. Those are our shadows. The one with the big butt is the photographer. Jack2 stopped at every little thing that interest him. That's the thing about little kids. Everything is learning. We found a dead fish on the beach. Then there was also belangkas. I don't know what he learn from this walk. I just know it was a hot day and I am burnt.

Anyway lepak-lepak tengok bebudak main pasir, I looked up and saw the tree branch looking like a heart shape. I turned to my lover and pointed out to him. He didn't see a thing. I took photo and pointed it to him. Ni kira macam mistletoe lah ni kan, since we don't have Olive twigs let alone the tree.

Eh! Puasa boleh romen ringan-ringan kan siang?


Azrin said...

Wow!! a woman who's into photography and likes sting! Never thought God man one..

pb said...

seronoknya jalan2 kat pantai. story telling pictures are nice. and i see the heart shape.

Anonymous said...

shaike - well well well welcome to the real world. :-)

PB - indeed a quality leisure time for us. You see the heart shape eh?

Anonymous said...

romen boleh, tapi jangan inzal

elle said...

cant see the heart shape. kat mana?

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Anonymous said...

artco - oh gitu. tak ada ringan aje

elle - it's the last row yang ada dahan pokok tu. Itu macam trick picture..tengok sekali nampak nenek tua tengok lagi sekali baru nampak heart

thought & humour - bugger off. I am trying to restrict you

elle said...

ohh..ok..nak jugak cari heart shape tuh. ;-)

Lady Gargle said...

Ohhh saya sunnguh berkenan dengan gambar gambar Cik Lollies :o) and yes 'light light' one caaannn...hiihi

Anonymous said...

elle - cari jangan tak cari

frankie - itu gambar-gambar dari orang yang tak pandai pegang kamera

shidah said...

kundur tak glamour, puteri bunyi cantik sikit kot :)

Leen AshBurn said...

Boleh cuma antara pusat dengan lutut je off-limits kan?


Saya ada sedara kat Tg Keling. Dia duduk kat blakang rumah2 besor abandoned yg cam rumah hantu itu. Masa pergi umah dia mesti pergi umah tu ala-ala nak ghost hunt lah, dah tu nampak bayang sendiri lari lintang pukang. Dah la siang hari. Oh tidak macho betul

Anonymous said...

awat hang nak ringan-ringan bolan posa ni?


Angel Eyes said...

nice piccies... and i love beaches!

Anonymous said...

shidah - hmm tapi kundur so classic

leen - watch out! belakang you! Muahahahahah

cik ni - bukan bulan puasa aje

angel eyes - yes beaches are nice

atiza said...

aik kak..dah buat baru tanya boleh tak boleh..ahaks

Anonymous said...

heh heh heh..affirmation aje

Wong Ah Beng said...

loly...i still kenot see the heart-shape-looking tree branch :/

Anonymous said...

aiyaaa..mari sini wa tumjuk sama lu..

bertique said...

ish ish .. tak baik tau, posa tak leh romen2 .. dosa.

errr .. tak de apa2


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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