Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Marhaba from D0HA

I have finally got a computer! And I am so nervous. I am almost speechless typoless, I don't even know what to write. Many things happen that I would happy to complain and make this entry a long list of complaints. But not today. Today is Eid Adha.

And I am happy enough with my brand new computer with a 19" flat screen. But I am still on the slow prepaid dial up (38kbps). I can't sign up for ADSL yet since my lover has not get his Resident Permit. No RP means no life here. But hey I have my blog back! And I have you! I still have all of you right?

Man..have I been cooped up!

So wazzzzzzuuupppp people?

I have more to tell. But I have to breath first. In out..in out. I am too excited.

So smooches and hugs and will see you again..soon, very soon. After eid prayers and lots of eating tomorrow, at the Embassy again. (roll eyes)


Sunflora said...

selamat hari raya aidiladha

Lollies said...

hi SF. I will YM you soon. as soon as i got myself organised.

Trust said...

Rock on, sister. Jangan lupa list of complains tu.

Captain Barbell said...

i pun selalu confuse between breathe and breath.

but as for the other one with similar sound, i usually confuse which one is right or left

elle said...

yeay, u r back..selamat hari raya sis lollies!

JoKontan said...


I must have been clicking on 'Sore' postings for 'bout 30 times now..

Oh! OK ! I exagerated (sp?).., as a normal sales people would do,. he he..

But today, must be my lucky day, seeing new post.

Welcome, welcome back ! Salam Aidil Adha.

Nekbat said...

weyhey..welcome back lovey. you have been missed. now regular updates please, and soon.

lollies said...

trust - yang pertamanya boring betul I dengan locals ni. ramai betul orang petronas kat sini. Orang petronas dari bintulu pun ada. I tanya kenal hansac tak. Pastu dia pandang I aje I. I tanya kenal trust tak? Pun dia orang pandang aje I. I ni cun kot.

Riza - heh heh. I pun tak tau spelling dia.

elle - yeah I am back

jokontan - sat ni kang I post satu llagi kesah I kat sini. Kesah makan dan menggemukkan badan.

oh nekbat..I missed you so much. You are the few that I memorise the blogspot links, even though it's long. So mana-mana I pergi pun I can always access you. Dora bila mau update?

Nekbat said...

aww..dahling, you are the sunshine of my blogsphere. Me, malas nak update blog these days.

Trust said...

Lollies awak silap tanya. Patut tanya "Kenal Borneo Romeo tak????"