Saturday, April 08, 2006

Sya is Finally Five

Batrisyia is now 5 years old. Finally! That is a year's waiting. She turned 5, yesterday April the 8th. She has been bugging me about when would she be five ever since she went to her reception school in Qatar. Nearly everyone in her class is five. I will blog about this later.

Five years old. The year all little girls would love to be. Pity she didn't have her school friends to celebrate with.

But she has me! And I have people around me who are willing to celebrate it with her.

I called up my sis in law, who stays in Muar. Called my mother in law who stays in Melaka. Muar and Melaka, they are practically in the same state anyway. And we all went to Umbai. To the new floating restaraunt of Ikan Bakar (grilled fish). Very famous delicacies in Malaysia and particularly famous in this part of town, Umbai and Serkam, Melaka. And we love grilled fish with sambal kicap. Diced onions and those bird chillies in soy sauce. If I have boring fried fish for the day, these sambal will just brighten up everything including my brain. The chillies are zzzzzzzzapping.

Everything is just so right. The kids had great time. The place is nice for families. They have little playgrounds. No kids push my kids. People take turns. They also have these motorised little motobikes and cars for the kids to play with, at a price of course (RM5 for 10 minutes ride urrkkk!. My kids have their older cousins to look after them so I can eat at peace while they have a jolly wonderful time.

This is not the first time both my family and my in laws eat together like this. So something was definitely missing. My mum of course and my LOVER! Huwaaaaaaaa! He is not there for his daughter's birthday.

Sya and her cousin, Tini. I did tie her hair! I did!

But ehem. My lover had this BIG bbq with the rest of the malayas on Friday. Yeah the one that I was discussing with Mr. Drive Fast before. Yeah the one that I was looking forward to do. But people seem a bit lazy to discuss. Yeah that one. And he drove in our new car. Yeah! Yeah! He has a new car. And he drove from the new house that he had moved in. The one that I have no idea how it looks like.

No! No! I am okay. I am not sore.

Happy birthday Sya. Ibu loves you. Ayah misses you alot.

At five she now loves to help in the kitchen. She helped when I did my puddings. She said when she grows up she wants to be a doctor (hey! not my doing okay), she also wants to sew for me. Let's use the blog as a record keeping eh?

More pictures of her day at Sya's Fifth Birthday Day

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maklang said...


Anonymous said...

happy birthday, lollies junior..


Kidd said...

Pretty lil girl you have there. heh

lollies said...

thanks mak lang and nef

kidd - tengoklah mak dia pulak

Nana said...

happy belated birthday sya!

Mia said...

Beautiful little girl!!! Happy Birthday to her!

Anonymous said...

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