Monday, May 22, 2006

Getting Used To

Even now, being this amateur domestic Goddess that I am. I still need to get used to the utensils available to me. Many times there are also periods of getting used to. Trial and error. Particularly when trying something new.

I thought now that coming over here equipped with a house with oven, I could learn up all those cakes that I can't pronounce. Stuffs with ingredients that sounds like microphone or something. Exotic baked dishes that would make me look like Stepford wives.

In my temporary house, yes. The beautiful expensive temporary house.

But this house, they gave me this oven. It doesn't have a mark for the temperature. It's either you turn it on or off or somewhere in the middle. And if you are into baking, most recipes will tell you to mark the gas at certain temperature (ranging 170-190C).

So I thought I should try something that I am good already. So I can set a benchmark for future adventures.

Here it is....


the burnt bread pudding!

But actually I took it out before it got worst. The inside are still good though. And Sya loved the burnt crust.

So you see, you see it's going to be hard for me to learn new things (when it comes to oven). I wouldn't know whether I was wrong or it was the oven's fault.

On hindsight, if anything doesn't turn out right I can always blame it on the oven.

Anything at all.

Norman Hakim and Abby split?
The increasing fuel price?
Global warming?
Bakal guru tak kenal Menteri Pendidikan? (salah siapa? salahkan oven)


Jill Yusoff said...

Oh I know who to blame for Norman and Abby. hehehe

~ahni~ said...

melampaulah nak salah kan oven pulak kalau cikgu-cikgu tu *tut*

ok tak pe lah, salahkan lah oven tu... asalkan hang hepi udah le

atn said...

beli oven thermometer

dlt said...

Hi there! Hmm.. News in Msia nowadays mmg shocking! Apa la nak jadi.
Well, burnt crust still looks good. No worry lah. U'll bake tasty breads / cakes soon. Anyway, like u said, still can blame the oven if tak jadi. He!he!

Lollies said...

jill - please do tell us. please

ah ni - tut tu apa?

atn - oh there is such a thing eh? *malu*

dlt - tengoklah. silap2 malas

anne said...

hallelujah! thank god for the faulty oven. The pudding looks good tho, spread some custard sauce on it...yummmm

~ahni~ said...

*tut* mcm isi tmpt kosong la, hg jwp la sendiri... hehehe

pernah dak hang post resepi puding tu kat blog ini? kalau belum tulis lah bagi kat aku... kesian kat aku... nak pi doha tu jauh sgt la... hg pun tak ajak aku p sana... (mula nak merepek tuh)

Lollies said...

aku tak pernah pulak letak recipe kat blog aku. amateurlah. tapi kalo ko nak ini dia resepinya. gila senang. all you need is a good oven. semi good pun ok

Bread pudding recipe with milk and eggs, cinnamon and raisins.

•5 slices white bread, crust trimmed
•1/4 cup softened butter
•1/2 cup raisins
•1 teaspoon cinnamon
•3 cups milk
•2/3 cup sugar
•4 eggs
•1 teaspoon vanilla extract


Preheat oven to 350°(170C). Lightly butter a shallow 12x8x2-inch baking dish. Butter bread slices generously with the butter. Cut each slice into 4 squares (ada yang suruh koyak2. kekadang aku malas nak potong langsung. tengok mood. But the texture will come out differently)

Sprinkle raisins over the bottom of the prepared baking dish then arrange bread squares, buttered side up, over raisins.

Sprinkle bread with the cinnamon.
In a saucepan, heat milk just until bubbles form around edge; remove from heat. Add sugar, stirring until sugar is dissolved.

In a large bowl, beat eggs; stir in hot milk mixture then stir in vanilla. Pour over bread in baking dish. Set baking dish in a larger baking pan then add about 1/2 to 1 inch of very hot water to the larger pan. Bake at 350° (170C)for 40 to 50 minutes, or until a knife inserted in center comes out clean. Remove baking dish from the larger pan of water and let cool for about 15 minutes before serving. Can be served warm or cold. Refrigerate unused portion.

Bread pudding recipe makes 8 servings.

~ahni~ said...

woi... tenkiu lollies, aku nak cuba la this weekend, kalau bab makan-makan aku suka....

Lollies said...

eh aku lupa nak letak revised recipe aku. Aku tak buat yang ni

Set baking dish in a larger baking pan then add about 1/2 to 1 inch of very hot water to the larger pan.

Tak kosa.

what I do is after pouring in the hot milk and all that, aku let it cool while I preheat the oven. tak adalah sampai sejuk gila, tapi suam-suam cukuplah.

Anonymous said...

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