Wednesday, May 10, 2006

My new Harem

So we have moved to a new house. My lover moved to this new place when I was back in Malaysia. I must say that I am not exactly very happy with this house. I hope I don't sound arrogant, but migrating to another country as an expat('s wife), I do expect to live in a modest villa, at least, good community and so forth.

But the very fact is, Q@tar's house rent is increasing at a crazy rate for the last two years. It went so bad that an ulamak actually came out with a fatwa that it is haraam to increase rent incessantly. (I tried goggling but couldn't find this fact).But did they listen?

Last year the government even had to put a new law that house rent can only be increased at 10% annually. Welcoming gesture maybe especially comparing to the fact that some landlords increase rent every few months but 10% is still a big number. If a house is at QR12,000, 10% can still be a huge sum to many.

Sure the housing allowance is adequate (just) but to rent the kind of house that I like is not enough. Most of the houses that I like always fall in the category QR12,000 above. Just call me tasteful. I know.

But I am wary (and not that selfish) that the purpose coming over is to settle the mounting debts we suffered. So I compromised. I do not want to stay in a apartment here, ever! The apartments here have no facilities at all. No playground, not to mention club house and a pool. With three growing bouncing kids, I do not think it is healthy. I certainly do want to be crammed up with three whining children. The last choice is a small house a bit further from the main area, preferably furnished.

Lover is given a fixed amount of housing allowance, so we can save some if we get something cheaper. Some people rent apartment and used the extra money for other things. Some used the exact amount and stayed at a modest house (this I like actually). Some even topped up for a good place. (This I like also but no way I want to top up. Not now)

So this is my compromised house. Not my choice but well it is fully furnished and we can save some money. Oh well..

This is the gate from the outside. You are looking at the house. This is actually an individual two-story villa with an unimaginative choice of colour. It has a maid house outside. The clever landlord renovated this house so that he can make three houses out of it. There is a British family renting upstairs, there is a Filipino couple renting at the maid's house. I am renting at the ground floor. Overall he made about QR20,000 for otherwise perhaps QR11,000. So as you can see, I had to park outside for there is no parking space for everyone inside.

My living area and the dining place could have been the actual dining area for this house. So as you can see the dining are is a bit crammed. Otherwise you could fit in an 8-seater dining table with good display wardrobes as well.

I am in a project now called House-to-home. At the moment this is still a house, not yet a home. I may not like the place but I will learn to live in it. I started by purchasing plants. See it in the photo? The room does look nicer with greenies. Perhaps a nice timepiece on the TV display. Carpets. Sexy throws on the couch for the feminine touch. Beautiful stout candles will be placed strategically for sprinkles of smells.

I would love to paint the wall at the dining area deep luscious dark red for that strong romantic look. And hand some pieces with golden frames. The table cloth will be a heavy red jacquard fabric with another golden embroidered tablecloth placed diagonally. There shouldn't be any ornament on the table for it is too small. It would not be practical.

The area can do with carpets to anchor the place down. One big pillow for the relaxed Bedouin look along with a tall elegant shisha to to smoke pot from.

There are three rooms in my house. My room is actually the guest room, which is a modest size. It can fit a king size bed, wardrobe and a dressing table. The other two rooms are really big though. The two rooms was actually a big spacious living room split into two. They are so big, each can fit a king size bed, two single beds, wardrobe, dressing table and still floor space. Imagine the actual living room size. So Elisa, I think the room would fit all six of you quite comfortably. ;)

The kitchen is spacious. Pity it doesn't have a top cabinet. That made it difficult to hide away snacks from the kids. And they did not arrange the sink, stove and fridge in the essential triangle point way. Well I can live with that. I plan to get a small breakfast table to put in the kitchen.

But the view as I get out of the house is just terrible. It is white. It is glaring. Not to mention, the reflective white hoarding the neighbour put in front of the house to stop prying eyes. Ah! Eye sore!

I bought some creeping jasmines and hope to add some green to the wall later. I know that's a long way to go. I think i want to get those fake turf and put it on the tiled lawn and perhaps create a playing area. More taller green plants to be placed near the wall to add shades of green and some bushes at corners of the high fence. Too bad all has to be potted. Which I do not like actually. Potted plants are not so good especially on hot tiles.

So as I said, I will try to make this as much as a home as I can. At least for a year, then I am outta here. The speculation is that the rent would come down after the Asian games, where most people would be out of Q@tar. Seeing that many new houses are coming up, perhaps the speculation would be true.

Meanwhile, I am set for a red gold middle-eastern harem. Imagine lollies in pink-purple sheer feeding her lover grapes. Dangles of gold on her arm jingles along with her teasing laugh. Three cherubics occassionally fly around adding love in the air.

A small harem yes but the goddess is always at an arms reach. Goddess is content.

For now.


Anonymous said...

hahahahaha..i like the last part..
oi! rumah lawa dah wei..just add in a bit of your feminine-romantic touch to it..


Idham said...

I know what u meant by increasing rentals....Dubai is teh same...i actually increased the allowance for expats for my company by 15% effective april this year.
Luckily i live in rental is under control...I live in a compound with full facilities; the kids just love the pool, gyms and recretional centers..apartment is a no no, just like you.
EnJoY the "house to home" project.


maklang said...

I like deep red too...Classic gituh...Enjoy 'make-uping' your house...

lion3ss said...

Good luck with the project! The house looks ok actually, but I am sure it'll loook gorgeous once you're done with the place!

nae said...

hey....that looks like a lovely house. the smaller the better, easier to tidy up. just put a lot of tall potted plants outside...then u could have some greens :) enjoy!!!!!!!

Lollies said...

nef - dah lawa eh? so tak seganlah kalau I jemput you datang?

idham - yeah i heard about dubai too. I bet your villa in jeddah is excellent. Your company eh? what do you do?

mak lang - and they say red is good for apetite. Yummy

lion3ss - don't expect to soon though. ongkos dong

nae - tu memang beul. senang nak vacuum and mop

Nazrah Leopolis said...

it's a nice house lollies. but still looks a bit sterile, like u suggested. perhaps in a couple of weeks time you can show us what a wondrous place it will turn out to be with the domestic goddess adorning it with little knick knacks.

the kitchen would work for me, i too have minimal top cabinets because i selalu terhantuk kepala.

Idham said...

correction....*sigh*....the company i work for...not my company la...hehehe. But i sits on the board.


Lollies said...

nazrah - you think so nazrah?:-)aik macamana boleh tergantuk kepala tu? semangat betul

idham - - what does the company do?

Anonymous said...

uik.. kat mana tuh umah baru ? ..err bape juta rental hehe ? :)

KakNi said...

ish ish ish lollies, rumah sewa hang sekarang ni 2 kali ganda lagi lawa dari rumah aku kat mesia nih.

Anonymous said...

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