Friday, May 05, 2006

Night picnic at Al Kh0r Beach

Okay so I complained that it is hot. It is indeed very hot during the day, but it is okay during the night, when the sun shied away. It is almost like Malaysia except for the humidity.

It is a good time for night picnic indeed. Enjoying the weather before it sizzles in summer. So that's what we did last night. We went for a picnic, at Al Kh0r beach. I put up a map of Qtar here so you can set your bearing of the whereabouts I am. I live in D0ha. The capital of Q@tar. See it on the map? Al Kh0r is at the North East of Q@tar. It is about 40 minute journeys there.

I was hoping to camp there though and bought all the camping gear needed, but the rest of the people didn't want to stay. Hmmppfff! The kids were all looking forward to it too. Well maybe next time, a different company perhaps.

We reach there at 6 plus. It was really dark. To get to the beach is another 10 minute drive on a rough road with no light whatsoever. I couldn't get my bearing right and couldn't tell the difference between the sea and land. Everything was dark.

After makan-makan (dinner), which I brought soto, nasi impit, ayam siat and peanut sauce also, some of the group went crabbing. Apparenly this is what they do at this beach. The tide was coming up, but it was shallow. Even JackJack could walk off to the middle of somewhere. Haziq and some new found friends found four crabs. I didn't find anything for I was not looking for anything.

I was enjoying the cooling breeze, looking at the pitch black sky and admiring the streaks of clouds making faint pattern of lines. The shimmering faint cloud seems to align itself towards an invisible point, which I found quite hallucinating. The water is very clear. I can't tell the colour for it was just black in the night. It was only half moon but it was enough to glitter the sea white at the other end.

I let the kids wet themselves crazy in the waters of the Persian Gulf. Light their path with a lantern. It was dark! The sea seems still too. There is virtually no wave. Al Khor is a bit secluded from the Gulf anyway.

Some of the adults went even further to the middle of the sea to look for crabs. From afar I can see the dancing light of their torch sporadically. Occasionally I looked at the land and heard laughter of people and look at the smoke coming out of the bbq pit.

I have never felt lonelier in a crowd.

I didn't take much photos for it was dark. But I read, Al Kh0r, an old fishery village, is quite picturesque. Next time perhaps. Preferably when it is not dark.


Nazrah said...

wahhh wonder how arab crabs taste like?

kalo camping dlm golap tu safe ke? no desert bandits?

~ahni~ said...

ish ... seronoknya... aku memang jeles dengar cite org pi tepi pantai.
kesian kat hang lollies rasa sunyilah pulak, awat lover tak teman hang ka?

lollies said...

nazrah - tak taulah pasal bandits. I guess kalau in a big group it should be okay kot. there were definitely more than 10 families tapi dah soma tak tido,takutlah I nak tido sorang

ah ni - sebab i donno anyonelah. the rest semua kenal each other. i ni pulak pemalu orangnya

Anonymous said...

tak gi rub al khali? go at night..with lover je..try to get someone to babysit the kids..lomantik woo!


Lollies said...

rub al khali? is that in qatar? well if it is I will check it out.

born-again drama queen said...

rub al khali - the empty quarter..part of saudi, part of UAE, Oman and Yemen..Ntah termasuk kat Qatar ke tak.
go for the GPS excursion trip..on the 4WD..the place is simply lovely!