Saturday, July 15, 2006

Haziq is Eight

Haziq turned eight yesterday. We didn't do any party because he has a lazy bum for a mum. But I made fish and chips (from scratch I tell you. The batter was crispy and hmm quite good. Angkat bakul boleh?.) Haziq is such an easy boy to please when it comes to my cooking. He would go "Ohh delicious! You are the best mum in the world!" Then big hug big hug. Followed by hugs from the other two. I know his favourites by now. On top of my head is peanut sauce. I make salad with this (ala gado-gado) sometimes. My nasi minyak with dry, thick curry. Chicken soup. Hmm what else ah? Don't knowlah. Itu je yang aku masak kot...

Anyway, we went to Chillies that night. Haziq was impressed by their service and said something to this effect, "Chillies : Where you can dine like Kings!" and slurp down his thick shake. He actually said dine! We taught him tic-tac-toe and tell him to see things in a bigger picture. Not only his last move. I am not sure he understands what I mean.

Since this blog is also dedicated to my children, I'd like to put up what I think haziq has done well now that he is eight. So bear ajele Ibu dia punya gloat ok.

Each time after finishing lunch, I would tell haziq to take his ablution and go pray Zuhur. He would take out his prayer mat and my prayer mat and my telekung and all, put it next to each other ready for me. I like this very much. Then when he finishes, he would routinely take out the Koran and be ready for me. All the time. Regardless he was pinched yesterday for repeatedly wrong "Idgham". Bless the child.

Haziq is a very attentive child. He is always very perceptive with my mood. And would caution his siblings when I am in my foulest. During my one month ordeal when my mum was in the ICU, he was my strength. Always there to hug me and even cry with me.

He is scared of the big cockroach but bring lizards into the house. A live one that is. EEeeeewwwwwwwwwwwww!!

He asks questions out of context. Out of the blue kind of thing. Remind me to make a catalogue of his questions. Yesterday he asked me, how did the tortoise/ turtle's shell grow bigger as they get older. He also asked while I was chatting with a friend, will the centuries ever stop? What would happen to earth then? Sometime ago he asked God makes us right? Who makes God? Hmm what else. He said I know where the moon get its' ray but how did the shape form into crescent and full circle and all that? And he is forever asking me maths question.

He is a vain boy. He combed his hair either spiky or with jambul (what is jambul in english ah?). And despite that he still runs out naked from the shower. In fact he took such a long time putting on his clothes that I threatened him with the camera.

Otherwise, he is quite eccentric as well as friendly. He is still a chatterbox and love to make friends. He'd be your friend anytime.

I just want him to not be as clutter as he is now. Also he is gelabah.

I pray the best for him and that he remain a good person and good Muslim for the rest of his life. And from the little I shared with him now, I hope he makes something out of that for himself and the coming generation.

Ibu loves you tremendously.

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His dad's and his few months old foot.

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Idham said...

Awwww so so sweet this entry....

Heppy Birthday to Haziq from an uncle pakcik....*hugs hugs* <--for haziq.

Having had the pleasure of meeting Haziq, I can only agree that he is a wonderful young who fills any room he is in with his friendliness and warmth.
He will grow up to be a fine citizen of the world....insyAAllah.

Syabas to haziq's mom and dad!!


Akuro ® said...

Nice ending with the pic...

anggerik merah said...

Happy 8th d'day to Haziq. Lollies, please give him a Big Huggg from me..

UglyButAdorable said...

lollies..tolong bagi bear hig for haziq. i always love boys...that's why with my nephews marah camner pun..sayang gak. may he grow up to be a son and citizen of Allah.

jambul tu bukan fringe ker?? i remember saying this word everytime gie saloon.

Lollies said...

Idham - May that be a prayer too. Ameen

akuro - an old picture that one.

anggerik - I will anggerik. Thank you.

Uglybutt - fringe to generally for ladies just because most fringe yang rambut depan biasa aje. Jambul tu usually yang ternaik ke atas style Lagak A. Mahmud. Selalunya lah

maklang said...

Happy birthday Haziq...Anak sedara maklang pun nama dia Haziq, pun 8 tahun last February..

InsyaAllah Haziq will grow up to be a good person...Amin.

Nazrah Leopolis said...

alamak, i hope makcik nazrah is not too late in wishing big boy haziq a very happy birthday!

i have chatted with haziq over YM before.people, watch out for this lil big man! he is razor sharp and witty to boot.

may all the world and its content recite endless dzikirs for this wonderful gift of a son to lollies, and to us all. makcik doakan haziq sentiasa beroleh kegembiraan dan kasih sayang, keberkatan umur, manfaat dari keluhuran budi, kesihatan dalaman dan luaran, dan kejayaan dalam segala hal.amin.

Jill Yusoff said...

Haziq is sooooo going to break girls' hearts, kalo ku ada lolita mau ku book ini budak. Congratulations to a chic ibu and a cool ayah for a fine young boy. tapi aku tidak boleh membuang itu imej polka dots tiger spender. heheh

Lollies said...

mak lang - memang ramai betul nama haziq pada tahun yang sama

nazrah - oh darking the prayers said is so beautiful. really beautiful. Ameen. Thank you sayang

jill - ha ha ha. Tiger tu gambar tigger.

bisutulibuta said...


Lollies said...

BTB - ya ya saya dengar sampai sini hah

Nana said...

happy belated birthday haziq!

Jo Kontan said...

Boleh chup ker Haziq ? :-)

Pipa 7 tahun...

Lollies said...

nana - timakasih nana. muaahhhzzzzz

TJ - wahh pinangan pertama Haziq. malu saya. Haziq kena kumpul duit banyak-banyak ni. Pipa ni keturunan baik-baik ni.

bisutulibuta said...

Tumpang lalu..Wei Jo..cakap nak kasik pipa kat saya ?? Baru nak kumpul duit nak meminang nih. Ada 15 tahun lagi nak tunggu.

Anonymous said...

hepi besday haziqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq!!!
and like last year ill say be mummy's sweetheart always ok!

Lollies said...

wei TJ ko dok bagi tau soma orang eh. *singsing lengan baju. Start angkat kain*. Tapi ko jgn dengar si BTB tu. By then dia dah dirty old man dah. Nanti cucu pun ko tak dapat. Glare kat BTB

wan - heh heh kita tunggu lagi tahun depan pulak kalau umur panjang ya

Jo Kontan said...

Loll + BTB.

BTB belum jumpa Maam lagi..

Dia kena cantas* baru dia tauu.



Lollies said...

BTB - senyum bangga

Anonymous said...

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