Saturday, July 22, 2006

Lover's Wrath

Oh! What a wrath lover has today.

I woke him up early this morning because I ran out of gas. Sure we do have spare but I am a goddess you see. I definitely won't get my hands dirty and risk my nails changing those gas regulators.

Also for the record, the gas regulator here is not as easy as the one in Malaysia to change. I had to use pliers and STRENGTH to open it up. And then screw it back on the new one. Strength is what I don't have. Also I really want to be a bimbo.

So lover dutifully helped. But it was damn difficult. Oh dear. Those nuts refuse to budge. It's either so accumulated with grease that it was just stuck there or something wrong with the thread.

But my my my. Look at him in his boxers. Arms muscle taut and tight pulling the pliers. All back muscle bent as he squat and work the pliers with a torque force. Sweat breaks profusely on his forehead dripping on to his shirt. He should have taken off his shirt. At least he would look good swearing.

But a bad morning for him I guess. So forget delicious drama.

And what I wanted was to surprise him this for breakfast.


But its' better taken for tea I guess. Served with hot "chai" (thick tea with evaporated milk).


Jill Yusoff said...

MY.OH.MY. Can I have that for brekkie? Come be my lover.

UglyButAdorable said...

hehh..hehh...u shud have jump on him. i tell ya lepas tu trus bertenaga nak unscrew the head gas..*wink*

Lollies said...

Jill - I'd be your lover anytime dahling. I promise I won't make you change the gas. Can I have gateau and delicious bed time stories?

uglybutt - ha ha ha. tak masaklak aku nanti

Anonymous said...

erk....u wrote about...lover....screw....nails... back muscle....delicious.....screw back....boxers....sweaty....ermm, and i thought this is not an adult only blog!

hehehe *wink*


Sunfloraa said...

Yummy .. wish my lover cld make something like that for me ;)

dlt said...

What is that? Look soooo yummy. And erk... awat kepala gas dorang soooo susah nak bukak pasang? Sajer nak suruh semua housewives ber'manja' ngan hubby dorang ker?
'Interesting view' ek pepagi? :) As yummy as the food?

Lollies said...

idham - deciphering the codes is it?

SF - nak tunggu loer bertahunlah. ha ha ha

dlt - nama dia bombasari. ebtah apa punya kepala paip agaknya. menyakitkan hati je. yummy the view.

Nazrah Leopolis said...

tee hee hee i can feel a sudden rush of warmth on my cheeks reading this.

*notty notty lolitapalooza*

Anonymous said...


an0nymous-ign0ranus said...

where's the pix of the lover's back, muscles all sinewy and shiny with perspiration?

keciwa saya.

false advertising!

Lollies said...

nazrah - hampir-hampir jadi harlequin romance ini blog. heh heh

tell me u anon you why you don't like mondays.

babe - muahahahahahaha. itu ada gambar kilat-kilat dengan pisang. delicious gak tu

bisutulibuta said...

stim siuts...wa stim baca posting kak Lollies ni..adeii..

an0nymous-ign0ranus said...

maksud yang mendalam tu .. pisang yg berkilat-kilat.

Jo Kontan said...

Whoa Ho hooooo,

Look at the Glistening Macro Banana Shot.

If you have more pixels, I bet you could see the popping uratss.

Best !!

Lollies said...

BTB - itulah tujuannya gambar makanan yang dimasak secara steam dipaparkan disini ADIK BTB. :p

babe - ha ha ha ha. tersedak aku makan pisang

jokontan - itulah kan kan kan. i tell you. kamera dulu 3.2 yang ni 5.1. I need 8. 8 i tell you and super macro lens.

anggerik merah said...

Lollies,, emmmm..delicious!:-)

Lollies said...

AM - sesungguhnya

Anonymous said...

That is why I only go to all women gym only..takut teruja..Hehe.
Btw, what's that -2nd pic?

Lollies said...

adah - ha ha ha. betul gak tu. itu kueh bombasari.

Azer Mantessa said...

jotted down the account numbers
all the best to u