Friday, August 25, 2006


Guess who has two driving licenses now? No prize for guessing though.

Yay I passed.

Hmm so now what eh? Hmmm life resumes back as normal.

Oh wait! Let me tell you with this driving license I can also drive in most Gulf countries. Well except Saudi, since woman cannot drive in Saudi. I am not sure about Iran though or Iraq or Oman or Yemen. Hmm..well.

Did I tell you that we all (all females) were packed into a van for the road test. The van then followed the said car where the testee is being tested. We girls were all encouraging each other despite language barrier. Saying yay when they did well, wishing them good luck and laughing at the van's driver whose engine went dead on us. Wrong gear. And he is supposed to be an instructor. Muahahaha. My lover said he didn't talk to anyone and no one talk either.

Woman are like that kan? We just have to talk to console each other despite not knowing anyone.

I even exchanged number with one of the ladies. Don't be too surprise. I love strangers, and strangers love me too.

The fun thing was also observing those who did not make it. Not to belittle. But it is so common that they would blame outside factors. One red-hair lady advised me not to take parking lot no. 4. The box is too small. One called her friend crying, saying that the car had a head rest, she can't see behind. One said the car was too new, she hated the clutch. Personally I think they were too lenient on the ladies. The men would have it harder. One advantage being woman here.

When they announced the results, it was like getting my SPM results (O-Levels). Some were shouting NAJAHA (pass), some cried (fail), one getik lady was jumping around patting any man in sight (pass but so getik). I have not seen so much emotion in one room for so long since I do not know when.

Well, I passed. That counts most. Happy happy.


KakNi said...

A galance at the license tadi tuh, ter pk dahsyat betul boleh bubuh gambar pakai spek hitam pulak, rupa-rupanya.... cheh!

selamat memandu

KakNi said...

Ops! silap pulak 'A glance' ok. ape kebendelah pulak 'glance' tu

Anonymous said...

congratulations.. yang gedik-gedik pun ada kat sana..

Nazrah Leopolis said...

ewah steady lah!! dah ada lesen tu panjang lagi lah kaki cik puan ya?

mahal tu gambar kat lesen tu.

sare @ syah said...

Congratulation Lollies! lepas ni boleh gi ukur jalan sambil tengok unta kat arab...hehe

bisutulibuta said...


anne said...

wwwahhhh, pass sekali ambik je...Dah lawan lover ni. Drive carefully!

Anonymous said...

uih. mummy ku angelina jolie rupanya selama ni? confuse confuse. tapi kene say congrats lollies goddess. hail!

Lollies said...

ah ni - ha ha ha. ko tengok gambar lesen aku sampai tersasul

easylady - yang gedik tu minah filipino. benci betul saya.

nazrah - he he. kereta je tak ada ni. kalu tak..dah jauh dah. cewah

sare - sungguhlah saya tak sabo

BTB - eh pompuan boleh drive tak kat iran?

anne - terer gila

wan - angelina Lolie. bukan jolie. heh heh

Anonymous said...

and celebrasi..

so..all this while you were driving there without a license?
*polisssss..tangkap pompuan nih*

Congratulations again..
so many more of exotic photos of white sand then, eh?

bisutulibuta said...

kat iran pompuan boleh drive..lagi ganas dari men drivers.

Idham said...

CONGRATS ....the one and only Goddess I know who truely do justice to the title...

Nanti boleh drive my P*.....hehehe....:)


Lollies said...

aie - aku ada international license. tapi validnya sampai 6 bulan sahaja di sini. which is this month. so adalah jugak yang tak ada lesen sekejap. heh heh

BTB - saya baru teringat buku reading lolita in tehran tu, she drove. heh heh tapi dia tak tulis pulak dia drive macam gila. meybe it is a norm there.

idham - silalah awak drive ke sini. pastu awak naik teksi dan saya pula drive kesana kemarui. tapi kalau kotor dengan cokkies crumb jangan marah

Jo Kontan said...

Loll,. got class one ka ? Erk ! Sorry!! rephrase..

Any limitation on c.c. Boleh bawak bas ker ? Lorry ker ?

Kongratulasii ala aie.....

exhubby said...

nice song.

Lollies said...

jo - kereta je lah pakcik. tak ada kelas kelas pulak. in factnya dia belajo moto kat mana pun i tak tau

exhubby - you like cat stevens?

anggerik merah said...

Angelina lollies,
Yey yey...clapping hand. kalau kita gi tempat awak...boleh bawa kita ronda2 kay!