Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Shuay Shuay

Shuay Shuay is a local slang meaning little bit. It usually refer to the lack of ability to speak the local language (Arabic). It is very useful for people like me, who can speak only basic Arabic sentences. Such that if I ask a question in Arabic and the person gives a lengthy answer, I am sure to gawk. Inserting shuay shuay would be good and do add a humble smile.

Yesterday someone rang the door bell. I peeped through the curtain and saw a presumably Arab lady in her full abaya and her face covered. You can only see her eyes. She had with her a little girl, perhaps in the age of five.

I was excited actually. Is she a neighbour? Perhaps she wants to say hi. Maybe she wants to borrow some salt. I have plenty. Maybe her water pump was out and her daughter seriously needs to take a leak. Ah any excuses is ok if she wants to be my friend. I am desperate for one, I must say.

I went out to her and she said Asslammualaikum, the way an Arab say it. With a twang.

I answered with a smile.

Since I am female she lifted her veil. Then she asked me something in Arabic.

I said. Arabic shuay shuay

Then she said mama? something something in arabic.

Oh I think she wants the lady of the house. I said Ana ummi baiti(grammar is wrong of course) But what I wanted to say was I am the mother of this house. I hope baiti means my house.

Then she said something in arabic. Really long sentences. I concentrated hard for familiar words and her body language. I think she told me her name which I didn't catch and also she is from Iraq.

Then I caught the word miskin. Miskin means poor. Then she said something in english. No money.

Oh! I get what she is trying to say. She has no money and she wants some from me.


I asked, Lak fulus? (No money?)

Naam. She replied nonchalantly. No sad look.

Then I asked..Ante akala? I hope it means you want to eat, showing gestures of eating. Little one? Wants drink? Showing gestures of drinking.

Lak. Lak. (no. No) And she showed gestures of baby. Milk. Diapers. No money. Saying something that she would prefer to have money then eat.

I looked at her daughter. She had scratches on her face. I asked why is her face like that? Showing gestures of scratches on my own face.

She said something. I only caught Saghir. (little).

Her daughter was scratched by her other little ones.

Then I looked at her and said again Lak Fulus?. I also pointed out that she has a nice watch, and her abaya looks good. Why is she begging? Which obviously she didn't understand.

I asked her where her husband is. She stared blankly. Hmmm. Then I remembered a verse in the Quran where Allah created a partner for Adam(a.s.) and some other verses about partner. Partner is Zaujah. I remembered only this word in my harfiyah. I am hopeless.

So I asked her Aina zaujah?

She replied something which I didn't know. I think she said her husband is dead.

I don't know. I don't really like the idea of begging. Approaching anyone when you look like you have the capability to work. But then I am a sucker also. I just hope she is not a con. But all given are halal from me. I gave her little one a chocolate drink as well. For she is a kid. Her mother had better be true. Dragging that poor child under the hot sun is just terrible.

She must have her own stories. Everyone does. It has better be a good one for the Yaummideen. Pray for her betterment.

So that was my rusty arabic for you. If I have an arabic friend I can get better.


anggerik merah said...

sometimes we pity people like this, but not sure how genuine they are. And I don't like beggar who seems to be physically healthy.

easylady said...

Lollies mesti nampak muda sampai org arab tu tersilap.I am sure Lollies rasa frustrated bila tau tujuannya demikian.

It happens to me several times. Mula-mula dulu kalau bagi rasa macam terpaksa.Now kalau nak bagi, bagi sikit tapi dengan niat ikhlas.

bisutulibuta said...

Ana Kalbun, Anta Jamal, lak fulus shuay shuay. wala tak rabu zinaaa.salam salam.....bender aku cakap pun aku tak tau..ahaksss...

UglyButAdorable said...

shuay..shuya..like chinese eehh..sueyy..sueyy gitu.. i only know *halas* nyehh..nyehh...

u know nie always happen at home too. when i was on vacation for 4 months duk umah..memang weekdays selalu jer ader...sumtimes duk diam2 tak bukak pintu..sbb selalu sgt...tapi aper yg bagi tu niat jer la ikhlas..

Lollies said...

AM - itulah dia kan? She was also very beautiful. Bulat sikit but beautiful

easylady - ha ha ha. Tapi I think dia ingat i maid. itulah pasalnya.

BTB - Ana Jamilah. Anta Jamal wa Jamil. Ana also lak afham.wa main hentamlah itu soma. salam salam also. butt psstt jamal means camel. qalb (kalbu) means heart.

uglybut - yes yes kholas is the first word you learn here. soma mau kholas jugak. habis beli barang kholas. anak aku pun pandai sebut kholas. dia sebut best betul.

Yup ikhlas jekan?

atiza said...

helmi anak aku dapat 100% allughatullarabbiyah exam baru2 nih..nanti aku suruh dia construct ayat senang2 untuk kau..

Wong Ah Beng said...

janji niat ikhlas..talak hal punya! :P

simah said...

what about arabic course?

Anonymous said...

errr..you mean, arab friend who can speak arabic?

Lollies said...

atiza - mintak anak ko tunjuk ajar sama diriku

wong ah beng - itulah wa rasa. telimakasih atas kata-kata pelangsang lu itu

simah - sigh. i wish. but look at me. stuck with three kids. no helper. no one that can look after them. no car also to go out. public transport is horrendous here. i can wait for lover and go at night but with the already association thing i am involved with i don't want to take our time together. makcik2 malaya kat sini pergi kelas during the day. they have no little ones. wait till jack2 sekolahlah. meanwhile i am self learning. milk carton, tv and anything. :)

anon - tak... cakap french pun saya terima.

Anonymous said...

bunyinye macam suwei suwei gitu. or plainly suwei!
kalu you cakap kalil jiddan, mau melopong minah tu.



dlt said...

arabic la languange yang paling susah. ngan grammar dia yang banyak tu. kalah english or any other language kat dunia ni. tapi kalu pandai cakap, best jer bunyi dia.
i also don't like beggers yang nampak cam mampu keje tapi meminta sedekah. cam OKU yang jual tisu or menyanyi / mengaji tu, at least ada la jugak yang diorang buat, not just begging gitu2 jer.
nowadays, dah tak tau nak percaya yang mana betul2 susah, yang mana komplot.*sigh*

sare_reyes said...

mmm...ada gak orang minta sedekah dr rumah ke rumah ek? scary...takut lain lak jadinye...hehe

Lollies said...

nef - ah ah ek? arabic khalil jiddan. fulus khalil jiddan. nyeh nyeh

dlt - itulah dia. I know some vocabs but cannot construct sentence. tapi yalah belajar kat TV mana nak dapat sangat. I tau jadid. new! sebab tv commercial kat tv tu selalu cakap product tu jadid. heh heh

sare - pasal pompuanlah i kuar. eh lama tak nampak mana pi?

simah said...

i love this song!!!!

~ahni~ said...

ish ish ish ...jenuh jugak aku dok kena baca balik entry2 hang yg aku dah miss nih...

tapi aku tergelak sakan dgn jwp hg kpd anon:

anon - tak... cakap french pun saya terima

Nanti hang dapat 2-in-1, bahasa french dan arab

Lollies said...

simah - kan? kan? shaya pun shuka :D

ah ni - aku jua merinduimu

Twix said...

hey there.. first post in ur blog.. interesting to read into the blogs of expats living in qatar .. my blog is about the reason why i dont break for expats :p

anyhow im more than glad to help u out with ur arabic only if u tell me what language u guys are talking ??

Another thing. Never ever ever give a begger in Qatar any money. First, its illegal to do so. Second, look around you !! You really think there are ppl poor enough to go and beg ?? These are usually con artist who come here on a tourist visa and spend a good couple of month, espically in ramadan going from home to home claiming they are from iraq or palestine. Police will confiscat their money and deport them. Simply because if u were really that poor there are proper govt and non-govt agencies in the country that you go to for help. These agencies study ur case and if it is true they will help u, qatari or non-qatari!!

This is a typical story similair to the begger who approached me last night. she claimed she had no money to feed her kids, i told her she can go sell her three gold teeth for money.

Lollies said...

abdulla - REALLY? :O. OMG now you are scaring me. But i don't even know how to say no in a diplomatic manner. Oh dear.

Well my first language is Malay but I do speak english quite fluently. You are a Qatari? Shall I say marhaba to my humble blog. :D

Man Bucit said...

i was thinking, may be there are off the mainstream groups of people overthere, usually these are more friendlier than the regulars. it'll be nice to have more friends and to learn more about them. maybe there are sufis overthere, who knows

Anonymous said...

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